Alex Pandrea_smAnother great lecture at The Lounge! This Thursday, 4 September Alex Pandrea will be stopping off in Sheffield on the first UK date of his 2014 European tour, before going on to Belgium, Holland, France and Spain over the next few weeks.

Alex is a fairly new name on the magic scene but has already made quite an impression with his innovative sleights and routines.

In this brand-new lecture he will be presenting a wide range of published and unpublished material, tips on his most visual and practical effects, and of course his unique brand of card magic.

You can see some of his work here, including such routines as Domino Effect, Slider, Prisoners, Arson, and TR.AP. He also produces packs of cards.

Doors open at 7:01 and we start at 7:30. Admission is free for Sheffield Circle members, £10 for visiting magicians. If it’s not in your diary, add it now!

This day we shall not falter
On our journey to Athena’s Altar.

Best of luck to all the Guardians, Liberational Manoeuverers, Supplicants and Celebrants!


Hester Reeve, YMEDACA, 2014. (L–R) Joe Moore, Hand Tool Users United; Hester Reeve, the artist; Russell Hall, The Magick Lounge. Image courtesy YSP.

It all started back at the turn of the year with a call from artist Hester Reeve about Magick taking part in a major art event at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, After months of development, planning and building, it all comes to a climax at the YSP on Saturday 30 August.

On this day Hester wil  transform the YSP into an Ancient Greek university for a special one-day pop-up academy: YMEDACA.

For YMEDACA, Reeve has collaborated with ‘Guardians’ selected from seven local groups to devise a series of free events running from dawn till dusk, known as ‘liberalational manoeuvres’ and inspired by the very first university established by Plato in 5th century BC Greece.

On the day, join the West Yorkshire Astronomical Society on a walking-talking-thinking tour of YSP to discover the exact position of the planets in the heavens above; witness the scythe cutting of YSP’s Lower Lake reeds by Hand Tool Users United; and visit YSP’s Greek Temple to experience the mysterious and wondrous with The Magick Lounge.

Visitors can also navigate the Park to encounter practices and performances by the Cantabile Choral Group, The Royal British Legion, West Yorkshire Pagan Meet Up and Yorkshire Sun Society.

YMEDACA comes to a climax with a Sacrifice to Athena, at 7pm, where visitors will witness just how far the artist is prepared to go in her pursuit and devotion to wisdom and the good.

The YMEDACA academy is the culmination of a two-year residency at the Park, presented alongside two current displays by the artist – Temple of the Muses in the National Arts Education Archive (NAEA) and The Game Plan in YSP Centre’s Upper Space can be seen at YSP until 7 September 2014.

For more information about the YMEDACA events taking place on 30 August visit

Why not have a great day out at the YSP, come down to the Greek Temple during the day and meet Roger, Andy, Ashton, Tristan, Nik and myself. And maybe stay on for the evening for the ritual sacrifice!

Peter Turner 2

Say the name Peter Turner amongst a group of mentalists you get everyone’s attention right away. Why is that?

Peter ‘The Perceptionist’ Turner has carved a name for himself within the magic community as not only a unique performer, but an ingenious and innovatory thinker. Peter has a definite way with words. If you want your performances to become legendary stories retold between laymen, and to be remembered for ever, then listen to everything this guy has to say.

Regarded as one of the most influential mentalists of our time, he has consulted on many projects for TV and stage. Now you have a chance to meet and hear lecture the man Kenton Knepper has called, “One of the most natural, realistic mentalists of our time.”

Drawing equally from mentalism and psychology, Peter spins together routines that delight and amaze audiences. His publications include Isabella’s Star 2 (in stock at Magick now!), The Portugal Notes, Symphony of Silence, Devious Realities, Dare to be Bold, and the DVDs The Devil in Disguise, Jinxed and Freeform Mentalism.

Pete’s lecture is here at The Lounge next Thursday 3 July. Doors open at 7:03 and we start at 7:30. Admission is free for Sheffield Circle members, £10 for visiting magicians. A bargain not to be missed!

PS Yes, that’s Colin McLeod in the background.

Et in Arcadia ego. From left to right: Andy, Hester and Damon check out the location for Ymedaca's climactic event.

Et in Arcadia ego. From left to right: Andy, Hester and Damon check out the location for Ymedaca’s climactic event.

Andy and I were up at the relative crack of dawn to travel to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to discuss a few burning issues with artist Hester Reeve and the YSP’s Damon Waldock. We needed to sort out locations for the Ymedaca events the Magick Lounge group is involved in, and agree on the route for the procession to the climactic presentation on 30 August 2014.

During the day of 30 August 'Magickal' experiences will be available to YSP visitors appropriately in and around the 'Greek Temple'.

During the day of 30 August ‘Magickal’ experiences will be available to YSP visitors appropriately in and around the ‘Greek Temple’.

Afterwards we were able to fit in a visit to the Park’s newly refurbished 18th century chapel which currently houses a stunning exhibition of works by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. The project is the first by Ai Weiwei in a British public gallery since ‘Sunflower Seeds’ at Tate Modern in 2010, and is well worth experiencing. More information here.

I don’t want realism. I want magic. Yes, yes, magic! I try to give that to people. I misrepresent things to them. I don’t tell truth, I tell what ought to be truth. And if that is sinful, then let me be damned for it!

— Tennessee Williams, from ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’


An excellent lecture from Beatles-loving Frenchman Bruno Copin, definitely a world leader in his particular branch of magical performance. Routines like The Butterfly Effect are true magical playlets which engage and delight spectators.

His lecture clearly impressed all those attended, if the subsequent queue to buy his products was anything to go by (in Sheffield!)! If you weren’t there, or were there and now regretting not purchasing all that impressed you, I’m pleased to say that by special arrangement with Bruno we have a limited supply of his DVDs and routines in stock. Watch this space for more details.

Some comments: Carl Peters Brilliant work from this guy, loved the lecture. Craig Frith Yes, and a great after-lecture session with Bruno. What a nice man he is.

As you will have gathered, those who were able stayed on at The Lounge for a fascinating, amusing and informative session, with pizza.

The following day Bruno was scheduled to lecture in Bradford, but before he left we met up for an excellent lunch (with a glass or two of wine, of course) in Leopold Square. Things went on a little longer than intended as we sat in the sun, chatting and discovering shared interests in music and many other matters, so I hope he made it to Bradford in time!
Do you want to know a secret? Bruno is currently on a UK magical mystery lecture tour here, there and everywhere before heading off to the States, so be sure to catch him if you can. You got to get him into your magical life….

Find Bruno’s tour dates here.


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