Tickets 04Tickets are now available for the fabulous Night of Magic to be held at The Library Theatre on Sunday the 2nd of November. You can buy them direct from Magick, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG. Or by ringing us during opening hours (11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day except Thursdays and Sundays). You can pay by cash, Paypal or any major debit or credit card.

Book early to get the best choice of seats. We can guarantee a great night. Watch this space for details of the amazing acts we have lined up for you!

Steve Faulkner gets wrapped up in his work at the 2013 Sheffield Street Magic Festival.

Steve Faulkner gets wrapped up in his work at the 2013 Sheffield Street Magic Festival.

After last year’s successful debut, Sheffield’s Street Magic Festival is now bigger and better as part of Out Of This World – Sheffield’s festival of Sci-fi, Magic and Horror! Running over two days instead of one, the Festival is also adding a full magical stage show and a special ‘haunted magic’ show to the street performances.

The stage show will be at The Sheffield Library Theatre, on Surrey Street, next to the Lyceum, on Sunday 2nd of November 2014.

The show will be hosted by Sheffield’s own international award-winning entertainer, Steve Faulkner. Among Steve’s impressive list of recommendations are testimonials from Emma Thompson – “It’s great to see someone with real talent. We really loved you!” – and Ian Hislop “His best trick is combining impressive magic with funny banter. Excellent!”

Also on the bill are many of Steve’s magical friends from Sheffield, and negotiations are currently under way to sign up some exciting guest stars. Tickets will be available shortly at £10 for adults and £5 for children under 16. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m.

For more details and updates as available keep checking this blog or ring 0114 2760482 between 11:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

For details of the Out Of This World festival visit

Tim Smithies brings The World's Most Dangerous Card Trick to a (reasonably; that's real blood) successful conclusion during last year's Sheffield Street Magic Festival.

Tim Smithies brings The World’s Most Dangerous Card Trick to a (reasonably; that’s real blood) successful conclusion during last year’s Sheffield Street Magic Festival.

The story so far:

I was approached a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would apply for the tender to organise the 2014 Sheffield Street Magic Festival. Well, it’s on and happening on Saturday and Sunday 1 and 2 November. Not a lot of time! But here’s what’s planned so far:

Saturday 1 November: Magic in the streets, 12:30 – 4:00. We have three 6 x 3 m gazebos (twice the size of last year). The area in front of the Town Hall will be the  main focus for the street magic with Barkers Pool and Fargate as secondary sites. Bad weather provisions are being organised.

Two ‘junior magician workshops’ are being held on the Saturday afternoon in the Town Hall. Times to be arranged.

On Saturday evening there will be a ‘haunted magic’ event in an atmospheric panelled room in the Town Hall. Start time probably 6:30…

Sunday 2 November: Magic in the streets, 12:30 – 4:00

Sunday at 7:30: Full evening show in the Library Theatre.

There’s a press call/photo shoot to promote the event (part of ‘Out Of This World’ this year, but if all goes well, next year…) in the Winter Garden this Wednesday.

Please help make this event one to remember. Last year’s was a great success, and I’m hoping we’ll get the same enthusiasm and feedback as we did then. It’s a great boost for magic in Sheffield.

We need performers, of course, for all the events, plus people to help behind the scenes (including front-of-house staff for the evening events) and helpers/teachers for the junior magician workshops. The usual stalwarts have offered their services, and I’m hoping that we’ll get the same enthusiastic response that we did last year.

There is, of course, not a lot of cash involved but we’ll make sure that everyone taking part will get a share of what is available, as well as the satisfaction of taking part in what should be a fabulous weekend of magic.

‘Pre-show’ video for my performance for SmartDanceWorks at the Dance Connections weekender in a couple of weeks time. With thanks to Ashton and Howard Carter and Mr D Baines…

Our strange tale begins, not in the deserts of Egypt as you might expect, but over 2000 miles away in Morecambe. A major attraction in the popular holiday resort was the Pleasure Park, later Frontierland. The site was purchased in 1909 by the Thompson family, who also owned Blackpool’ Pleasure Beach, home from 1930 of the first ever ‘ghost train’. Capitalising on the human fascination with fear and the mind’s darker fantasies, the ghost train proved highly popular, and it wasn’t long before Thompson introduced a similar ride at Morecambe. It several refurbishments over the years and was finally demolished in 1999.

During one of the refurbishments, as the various plaster skeletons, witches and demons were removed, a bizarre discovery was made… at one point in the ride the head and shoulders of a beautiful woman appear to metamorphose into a decomposing corpse. It was the corpse that grabbed a worker’s attention. He noticed that the strangely mounted head was not a crude plaster prop, but in fact real human remains.

The question is, whose were they? How did they get there, and why were they hidden in a holiday theme park attraction? And where are they now?

Alex Pandrea_smAnother great lecture at The Lounge! This Thursday, 4 September Alex Pandrea will be stopping off in Sheffield on the first UK date of his 2014 European tour, before going on to Belgium, Holland, France and Spain over the next few weeks.

Alex is a fairly new name on the magic scene but has already made quite an impression with his innovative sleights and routines.

In this brand-new lecture he will be presenting a wide range of published and unpublished material, tips on his most visual and practical effects, and of course his unique brand of card magic.

You can see some of his work here, including such routines as Domino Effect, Slider, Prisoners, Arson, and TR.AP. He also produces packs of cards.

Doors open at 7:01 and we start at 7:30. Admission is free for Sheffield Circle members, £10 for visiting magicians. If it’s not in your diary, add it now!

This day we shall not falter
On our journey to Athena’s Altar.

Best of luck to all the Guardians, Liberational Manoeuverers, Supplicants and Celebrants!


Hester Reeve, YMEDACA, 2014. (L–R) Joe Moore, Hand Tool Users United; Hester Reeve, the artist; Russell Hall, The Magick Lounge. Image courtesy YSP.

It all started back at the turn of the year with a call from artist Hester Reeve about Magick taking part in a major art event at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, After months of development, planning and building, it all comes to a climax at the YSP on Saturday 30 August.

On this day Hester wil  transform the YSP into an Ancient Greek university for a special one-day pop-up academy: YMEDACA.

For YMEDACA, Reeve has collaborated with ‘Guardians’ selected from seven local groups to devise a series of free events running from dawn till dusk, known as ‘liberalational manoeuvres’ and inspired by the very first university established by Plato in 5th century BC Greece.

On the day, join the West Yorkshire Astronomical Society on a walking-talking-thinking tour of YSP to discover the exact position of the planets in the heavens above; witness the scythe cutting of YSP’s Lower Lake reeds by Hand Tool Users United; and visit YSP’s Greek Temple to experience the mysterious and wondrous with The Magick Lounge.

Visitors can also navigate the Park to encounter practices and performances by the Cantabile Choral Group, The Royal British Legion, West Yorkshire Pagan Meet Up and Yorkshire Sun Society.

YMEDACA comes to a climax with a Sacrifice to Athena, at 7pm, where visitors will witness just how far the artist is prepared to go in her pursuit and devotion to wisdom and the good.

The YMEDACA academy is the culmination of a two-year residency at the Park, presented alongside two current displays by the artist – Temple of the Muses in the National Arts Education Archive (NAEA) and The Game Plan in YSP Centre’s Upper Space can be seen at YSP until 7 September 2014.

For more information about the YMEDACA events taking place on 30 August visit

Why not have a great day out at the YSP, come down to the Greek Temple during the day and meet Roger, Andy, Ashton, Tristan, Nik and myself. And maybe stay on for the evening for the ritual sacrifice!


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