The next big event at The Magick Lounge is a lecture by Ferran Rizo on Thursday 17 November. The lecture will start at 7:30; doors open at 7:12. Admission is free to Sheffield Circle members. Visiting magicians welcome. Admission to non-members is £10. See you there!

“The function of the magician is like the ancient headlamps of the classic world, light up the path that the spectator must follow in order to reach his destination. The end of the journey should be the world that the magician has created, where the conventional becomes unique.” — Ferran Rizo

Ferran is a full-time magician from Spain. He has developed his unique magic style learning directly from such masters as Juan Tamariz and Arturo de Ascanio. In the past few years he has travelled across Europe performing in the best venues showing his original magic creations. Ferran and his partner Nataly have their own tv show in Spain where they perform magic on Murcia’s streets. (Check his web site or his YouTube channel). Both have taught at the Juan Tamariz Magic School in Madrid. Now they have their own magic School in Murcia.

Here are some of the comments Ferran received on his previous tours:

“Ferran & Nataly Rizo came highly recommended to me by Juan Tamariz and when I saw their lecture I could see why. They are a highly skilled and very likeable couple and have some wonderful routines and effects for members of all skill levels. I would recommend them for any club night!” — Steve Gore

”When writing this quote about Ferran two words manifested: Classy Gentleman. Ferran brings a gentle classiness to his appearance and you can feel it in his presentation of magic. Ferran will fool you with his creations (keep an eye out for his magic with a simple card box!) and you will enjoy how effortless his performances appear!” — Jim Krenz

“Our new season started in fine style thanks to the enjoyable and instructive lecture delivered by Ferran Rizo and Nataly Machado, a charming Spanish couple who individually provided some splendid magic of wide appeal, with Ferran presenting the first half and vivacious Nataly the second half of a memorable evening. We hope to welcome them again in the future.” — Eddie Dawes

“As President of the Bath Circle of Magicians in the UK, I can honestly say, we absolutely loved the lecture from Ferran and Nataly Rizo. This Magical Couple didn’t present the typical magic lecture where the presenter talks AT you; the Ferran’s speak WITH you. Their Passion and Love for the Art of Magic is second to none. From original masterpieces to twists on age-old classics, the evening was filled with surprises and many magical moments. When you book and witness the lecture presented by Ferran and Nataly, your magical life will be complete. Seriously, they are that good! You will not be disappointed.” — Roger Nicot

“Ferran & Nataly’s lecture was a joy to watch two people both enjoying what they do. Great ideas & tricks put over with expertise. I would 100% recommend their lecture to any society looking for something different.” — Paul Scott

“The Rizo duo, the husband and wife team of Ferran and Nataly, love their magic, as anyone watching their lecture could tell. They never stopped smiling and laughing as they showed off some clever variations of classics, their own card-to-box and some easy to make gimmicks. It would be hard not to like them. Ferran is an elegant performer and has given thought to his own development effects. Ferran is an expert manipulator and it looked a treat… The lecture is just to watch and admire.” — Charlie Burgess

”If I only had one word to define Ferran’s magic it would be “elegance”. Elegance in his handling, in his tricks, in his mise-en-scene, and the way in which he relates with his audience. Even his sense of humour is elegant. If we add to this his experience and his first rate magic, we have a great magician from head to toe.” — Albert de Figueiredo

”Ferran Rizo lectured at the Leamington and Warwick Magic Society with Nataly Machado Vincenti. They were very friendly people who not only shared their excellent skills and magical knowledge but also their passion for magic which I personally found extremely inspiring. Highly recommended.” — John Needham