After school and university I worked in theatre management, copywriting, publicity management and press relations. From the publicity and PR world I moved to Keele University as a Research Fellow contracted to write series of books for Schools Council on design and craft education.

Voluntary work

Counsellor and trainer with an international organisation (I hold a post-graduate certificate in counselling from the University of Derby).

Project Rhino Zambia 1989/90 (PRZ; later Project Rhino Zimbabwe). Press and Public Relations Officer for project to provide vehicles for WWF rhino conservation work in Africa. Spent six months in Africa; see An African Diary.

Published Work

Articles in a wide range of trade and technical publications, including Abracadabra, Architects’ Journal, Building, Civil Engineering, Club 71, Magicseen, Magigram, Materials Handling News. Poetry and short stories in obscure little magazines.

Advisory booklets and leaflets for architects and engineers on the use of concrete

Editor and publisher of Exit an experimental visual and literary arts magazine (1967-70).

Edited monthly magazine for Cement & Concrete Association training division; Schools Council Design and Craft Education research project magazine; also Boot World (Henry Boot house magazine).


Connections and Constructions, Edward Arnold.
Design and Karting, Edward Arnold.
Design for Today, Edward Arnold.
Designing with Plastics, Edward Arnold.
Education Through Design and Craft, Edward Arnold.
Looking at Design, Edward Arnold.
Materials and Design: A Fresh Approach, Edward Arnold
The Creative Use of Concrete, Edward Arnold
You Are a Designer, Edward Arnold

The AstroNumerology System, Magick Words (as John Blackwood).
Entertaining with Puppets, Magick Words.
ESP Themes and Variations. Supreme Magic Company.
Magic with Magick Magnets, Magick Words.
Magician’s Publicity Kit (with Andrew Summerfield). Magick Words.
Roger Curzon’s Pentalism, Magick Words.

Edited over fifty publications for Magick Words, including books by David Charles, David Cockings, Steve Cook, Roger Curzon, Neil D’Mayne, Wayne Dobson, Paul Hallas, John Hotowka, Brian Howard, Les Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Brian McLernon, Walt Maddison, Roy Masters, Bob Moore, Geoffrey Scalbert, Al Smith, Tim Smithies, Rex Taylor, Steve Tucker, and Malcolm Yaffe.

34 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Great Blog just came across it, how can I be added to your friends page?

    1. magickwords Says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. I meet so many people at conventions that I may forget, but happy to add you.

      1. Andrew Woodhouse Says:

        I couldnt find an email address. I used to buy of you about twenty years ago do you still buy or part exchange magic magazine, such as magic circular and linking rings

      2. magickwords Says:

        Hi Andrew. My email address is still We don’t really handle Magic Circulars and Linking Rings. We do deal in books. Check for the latest lists.

      3. Andrew Says:

        Do you buy like you used to or part exchange

      4. magickwords Says:

        Mostly part exchange but we are always interesting in buying good quality magic books, but not magazines now except for bound editions. Check the information on our list.

  2. Keith Walsh Says:

    Hi Russell, regarding the magic of Eddie fechter by Jerry Mentzer, i would be very grateful if you find this book, many thanks.

    1. magickwords Says:

      I’ll add it to the ‘wants’ list and let you know if it turns up. Or anybody out there have a copy they’re willing to part with?

      1. roger gardner Says:

        Hi .do you happen to have in your possession a. Pelham vent doll box once owned by the the late Fred current. If so please contact rsgardner@hot

      2. magickwords Says:

        Sorry Roger, I’m afraid not. We have a Sheffield Circle meeting here on Thursday (annual auction) so I’ll ask around in case anyone know the whereabouts. Is it just the box you’re seeking?

      3. roger gardner Says:

        Sorry I should have said ‘the late Fred current,

      4. roger gardner Says:

        Fred durrant

  3. Rob James Says:

    Hi Russell, I’d love to be added to your friends section too if possible?Love the blog, I have subscribed on Google reader!

    1. magickwords Says:

      Hi Rob. You’re in there.

  4. Alan Hudson Says:

    I’ve also just come across this too. Keep it up. It’s on my Iphone reader. I will also be added to friends list, great blog (I might not order the squeaker)

  5. Great blog, would love to be listed on your friends page too. I’ve bookmarked your site and will keep up to date with posts.


    1. magickwords Says:

      Thank you Andrew. Glad to hear my ramblings are read. Happy for you to add any comments you may have.

  6. Noel Qualter Says:

    Hi Russell, Just stumbled across your site and it was a tip top read. There’s a few books I’m interested in getting but I have to cut back on my book buying or I’ll go bankrupt. I’d love to be added the friends section when you get a minute as well please.


    1. magickwords Says:

      HI Noel, You’re added. Feel free to add any comments to my posts should you be so moved. Thank you.

  7. Magical Mike Says:

    Hi, Does anyone have any information on Tonny Van Rhee Doublecross Sevens (dominoes)effect? I’m not familiar with it. Thanks!


    1. magickwords Says:

      I’ll pass the word around.

    2. magickwords Says:

      See main blog.

  8. I didn’t get added to the friends list 😦

    1. magickwords Says:

      Sorry about that, but you understand that I get many requests and I can’t always remember who I’ve met and who are just seeing us (for some strange reason!) as a possible source of backlinks or free publicity/

  9. Chris Dickson Says:

    how do I get in touch with you in regards to availability books i would like to purchase.

    Thank You

    1. magickwords Says:

      Hi Chris

      Thanks for your enquiry. Contact details are on the ‘About Magic’ page, but I’ll email you with further information.

      Best wishes


  10. Gareth Says:

    Hi Russ , do you stock any Knifes through arm , im after a good knife to use on stage that can hold a lot of blood , do you have anything in stock?


    1. magickwords Says:

      Sorry, none in stock at the moment. Will let you know if anything turns up.

  11. Hi Russell, I’d love to be added to your friends section if possible?

    This is a really unique resource and have got this bookmarked, so will be checking back in on a regular basis. I myself, studied at the University of Derby too…..

    1. magickwords Says:

      Hi Duncan. You’re added.

  12. Gareth Says:

    Posting on behalf of Morgan Strebler,
    Would the Sheffield Magic club be interested in a lacture near the end of November?

    Morgan is viewed as one of the world’s leading experts and performers in the field of PsychoKinetic magic, also known as PK. Using the power of the mind, PK is the ability to physically alter or affect various objects. Morgan uses this extraordinary “gift” to bend forks, coins, and keys, as well as force items to move without logical explanation.

    1. magickwords Says:

      Sounds interesting (I met and filmed Morgan at FISM in Stockholm a few years ago). Have passed your message on to the Sheffield Circle and emailed you for further information.

  13. Hi there, I have been dipping in and out of your blog for a while now and it always offers up some great bits and bobs so thank you for sharing (It always appears on a bookmark of mine….)! Would you mind adding me to your friends list please? I appreciate you get loads of requests but it would be nice to be featured alongside some other esteemed names……

  14. David Ruderman Says:

    Hello, is your blog still active? I am Harry Stanley’s great nephew and am looking for anecdotes, photos etc for the family archive. Any help appreciated.

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