We are excited to be able to offer you the most compact and versatile smoke device for working magicians and mystery entertainers.

The build quality is excellent, and its tiny dimensions (10 x 15 x 20 mm!) means it is highly adaptable to a variety of performing environments. It is imperceptible to audiences, and comfortable and convenient to use. There is a wide range of possibilities: you can place it under a wristband or watch-strap, within a close-up mat, behind a playing card or coin, in a shirt cuff, inside a box, bottle, book, or any other prop… you name it, Smoggler R will do the job. You could even perform the Laurel & Hardy/Fred Kaps smoking thumb routine. Your imagination is the limit!

Smoggler’s operation is remote controlled. This is a major plus for this fantastic prop. If you wish you can simply press the remote control to switch it on and off. There is also a gravitational mechanism built in, so if you prefer a hands-free operation you can attach to your sleeve, for example. A slight tilt of your arm will operate Smoggler. The hands-free switch-on movement can be easily choreographed into any routine to enhance the naturalness and the flow of your performance.

Easy to use, Smoggler R comes With basic printed instructions and an online video tutorial, plus a supply of smoke liquid. Further supplies are inexpensive and readily obtainable.

Add some WOW to your performance! Available now from Magick at £180, post free in UK, complete and ready to use.