We are excited to be able to offer you the most compact and versatile smoke device for working magicians and mystery entertainers.

The build quality is excellent, and its tiny dimensions (10 x 15 x 20 mm!) means it is highly adaptable to a variety of performing environments. It is imperceptible to audiences, and comfortable and convenient to use. There is a wide range of possibilities: you can place it under a wristband or watch-strap, within a close-up mat, behind a playing card or coin, in a shirt cuff, inside a box, bottle, book, or any other prop… you name it, Smoggler R will do the job. You could even perform the Laurel & Hardy/Fred Kaps smoking thumb routine. Your imagination is the limit!

Smoggler’s operation is remote controlled. This is a major plus for this fantastic prop. If you wish you can simply press the remote control to switch it on and off. There is also a gravitational mechanism built in, so if you prefer a hands-free operation you can attach to your sleeve, for example. A slight tilt of your arm will operate Smoggler. The hands-free switch-on movement can be easily choreographed into any routine to enhance the naturalness and the flow of your performance.

Easy to use, Smoggler R comes With basic printed instructions and an online video tutorial, plus a supply of smoke liquid. Further supplies are inexpensive and readily obtainable.

Add some WOW to your performance! Available now from Magick at £180, post free in UK, complete and ready to use.

Finally back on track after a very busy Blackpool. One of our busiest after almost a half-century trading at this, the largest magic convention in the world. 4400 magicians attended, and I reckon most of them stopped by our stand!

Our best seller was definitely Leslie Melville’s Performance Storytelling. If you missed it, or weren’t at Blackpool, here are the details:

The art of making your stories memorable!

Devised to assist oral communicators (storytellers, mystery entertainers, school teachers, librarians, children’s entertainers, etc.) in the delivery of an entertaining and attention holding presentation. Also an inspiration to magical entertainers seeking to create context, drama and purpose to the mystery of their illusions and visual magic effects.

The use of visual aids, comical ‘bits of business,’ audience inter-action and response is explored; as is the addition of music and sound effects in enhancing mood and atmosphere. All of these elements are discussed and examples demonstrated.
What’s inside?

How to open your presentation Including ‘warm up’ material that will relax and prepare your listeners, young and not so young.

Who Hires a Storyteller? Identifying the many, many lucrative locations, venues and events where storytellers are welcome.

What’s in it for them? A discussion on how to promote yourself by enhancing your client’s image.

Tesla was Right! A twenty minute feature presentation for Wedding Entertainers and DJ’s we think is worth the price of the book

Plus lots of Fun Stories, Riddles, Puzzles and Games! For everyone!

And much, much more, including an incredible resource DVD-Rom containing a carefully curated collection of over 10,000 tales, legends, etc. Includes classic publications, like English Fairy Tales and More English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. Plus books by Hans Andersen, The Brothers Grimm, Asbjornsen & Moe, Charles Perrault, S Baring Gould, Giambattista Basile, La Fontaine, Thomas Ingoldsby, Andrew Lang, Edward Lear, W B Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Edmund Spencer, etc., etc. This is truly a complete library on one disc, of stories and folktales from around the world by some of the most illustrious names in storytelling history! It comes with the book!

Many hours were spent indexing all the ebooks. You will find a searchable file on the disk listing the contents of every book. Want a story about a cat, or an elephant? A search will give you several. There’s also a comprehensive list of source countries, so if you’re seeking African tales or Welsh legends, you can find them. Leslie’s book is available with the resource files on DVD-Rom or, at a small additional cost, on a USB Flash Drive.

Leslie Melvilles Performance Storytelling was written for the working performer who is seeking to improve and expand his or her repertoire of entertaining material and find opportunities hitherto unexplored!

Get your copy here!

This year’s Sheffield Circle of Magicians Christmas Quiz was compiled by Julie; it seemed appropriate as she’d won for the two previous years.

  1. Perhaps the most well-known magic word is Abracadabra. But what does Abracadabra actually mean?
  2. Which magician cut Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) into six pieces in 1981, Jennifer Lopez into six pieces in 2001 and sawed Taylor Swift in half in 2009?
  3. P T Selbit was an English magician who invented and presented one of the first jaw-dropping stage illusions. What was it?
  4. David Wighton is better known by his stage name. What is it? And what relation does he have to The Sheffield Circle of Magicians?
  5. Up until 3 October 2003 Siegfried and Roy were the headliners at which Las Vegas hotel?
  6. What was Houdini’s occupation before he quit in 1891 to pursue a career in magic?
  7. In 1988, who was one of the first women to successfully perform The Bullet Catch Trick?
  8. Most magicians use misdirection; one of these, born in 1849, was a master. Some believe he was the inspiration for the charcter in the wizard in L Frank Baum’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Who was he?
  9. For which category of trick would you use an Elmsley Count?
  10. In the 2013 film ‘Now You See Me’, what was the name of the team of magicians?
  11. Name the actor who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films.
  12. ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ by Queen featured in which supernatural action movie?
  13. A magician makes a coin vanish from his or her hands. Which European country is connected with this sleight?
  14. It is believed that the first recorded magic act was by the magician Dedi who performed in Ancient Egypt in 2700 BC. What trick is he credited with as being first to perform?
  15. The badge of The Sheffield Circle of Magicians is known as the Scaratika. Which two magical symbols does it incorporate?

Tiebreak Question: How many miles is it from Sheffield to Salem in Massachusetts? (Nearest takes it.)

I’ll post the answers here after Christmas.

Hi Everyone

If you’ve emailed me in the last few days and are waiting for a response, my apologies.

Since the last Windows upgrade, although I’m now receiving emails, I can’t send them from my usual account.

I didn’t find out until I had an email from a customer asking why he hadn’t had a response to his order. I knew I had responded, but when I checked I found a bunch of emails sitting in my Outbox unsent. I’ve contacted some by phone where possible, but I’ve still got books and tricks sitting here pending confirmation, or waiting for an address!

I’ve set up another account (same address) which is working OK, so if you’ve emailed me and are awaiting a reply, please email me again, or message me, and I’ll respond with my previous alacrity.


The next big event at The Magick Lounge is a lecture by Ferran Rizo on Thursday 17 November. The lecture will start at 7:30; doors open at 7:12. Admission is free to Sheffield Circle members. Visiting magicians welcome. Admission to non-members is £10. See you there!

“The function of the magician is like the ancient headlamps of the classic world, light up the path that the spectator must follow in order to reach his destination. The end of the journey should be the world that the magician has created, where the conventional becomes unique.” — Ferran Rizo

Ferran is a full-time magician from Spain. He has developed his unique magic style learning directly from such masters as Juan Tamariz and Arturo de Ascanio. In the past few years he has travelled across Europe performing in the best venues showing his original magic creations. Ferran and his partner Nataly have their own tv show in Spain where they perform magic on Murcia’s streets. (Check his web site www.ferranrizo.com or his YouTube channel). Both have taught at the Juan Tamariz Magic School in Madrid. Now they have their own magic School in Murcia.

Here are some of the comments Ferran received on his previous tours:

“Ferran & Nataly Rizo came highly recommended to me by Juan Tamariz and when I saw their lecture I could see why. They are a highly skilled and very likeable couple and have some wonderful routines and effects for members of all skill levels. I would recommend them for any club night!” — Steve Gore

”When writing this quote about Ferran two words manifested: Classy Gentleman. Ferran brings a gentle classiness to his appearance and you can feel it in his presentation of magic. Ferran will fool you with his creations (keep an eye out for his magic with a simple card box!) and you will enjoy how effortless his performances appear!” — Jim Krenz

“Our new season started in fine style thanks to the enjoyable and instructive lecture delivered by Ferran Rizo and Nataly Machado, a charming Spanish couple who individually provided some splendid magic of wide appeal, with Ferran presenting the first half and vivacious Nataly the second half of a memorable evening. We hope to welcome them again in the future.” — Eddie Dawes

“As President of the Bath Circle of Magicians in the UK, I can honestly say, we absolutely loved the lecture from Ferran and Nataly Rizo. This Magical Couple didn’t present the typical magic lecture where the presenter talks AT you; the Ferran’s speak WITH you. Their Passion and Love for the Art of Magic is second to none. From original masterpieces to twists on age-old classics, the evening was filled with surprises and many magical moments. When you book and witness the lecture presented by Ferran and Nataly, your magical life will be complete. Seriously, they are that good! You will not be disappointed.” — Roger Nicot

“Ferran & Nataly’s lecture was a joy to watch two people both enjoying what they do. Great ideas & tricks put over with expertise. I would 100% recommend their lecture to any society looking for something different.” — Paul Scott

“The Rizo duo, the husband and wife team of Ferran and Nataly, love their magic, as anyone watching their lecture could tell. They never stopped smiling and laughing as they showed off some clever variations of classics, their own card-to-box and some easy to make gimmicks. It would be hard not to like them. Ferran is an elegant performer and has given thought to his own development effects. Ferran is an expert manipulator and it looked a treat… The lecture is just to watch and admire.” — Charlie Burgess

”If I only had one word to define Ferran’s magic it would be “elegance”. Elegance in his handling, in his tricks, in his mise-en-scene, and the way in which he relates with his audience. Even his sense of humour is elegant. If we add to this his experience and his first rate magic, we have a great magician from head to toe.” — Albert de Figueiredo

”Ferran Rizo lectured at the Leamington and Warwick Magic Society with Nataly Machado Vincenti. They were very friendly people who not only shared their excellent skills and magical knowledge but also their passion for magic which I personally found extremely inspiring. Highly recommended.” — John Needham

All ready for the Annual Sheffield Circle Auction/Table-Top Sale tomorrow, 3 February. There’s about 25-30 ft of table space available for your magical bargains.

The sale starts at 7:30 for about an hour and the auction will follow at around 8:30. You can bring items for both or either. Or you can put items in the table-top sale then add anything that hasn’t sold to the auction.

Just, please, make sure you bring a list with prices, plus auction reserves if necessary. And bring your wallets too. There are always bargains to be had!

Doors open at 7:00 so you have time to lay out your wares.

We’re getting the builders in!

Over the coming weeks there’ll be a lot happening at The Magick Lounge.

Vistors will have noticed quite a few changes already. But some major works start this Saturday 30 October with the laying of concrete to level the front half of the main shop area. This will be followed later by the fitting of a new floor, once the concrete is properly cured.

The shop will therefore be closed on Monday and Tuesday 1 and 2 November. There’ll be no access via the main, front door on these days, or on Saturday afternoon while we’re pouring concrete.

But there’s no need to panic. If you’re desperate for a book, a pack of cards or a bag of balloons just give us a ring and we’ll arrange for you to collect. There’ll still be access via the garage/loading bay.

And of course our mail order service via our website will continue unabated.

Back at the beginning of February we announced that Magick would be moving. The property next door had been sold and the developers intended to build a block of flats. Not good news for us, but they offered to buy our building.

After much thought and discussion we decided that this might be a good time to consider downsizing a little to concentrate on the growing publishing, second-hand books and bizarre/storytelling side of the business.

We began the search for a place to provide a comfortable home for ourselves, with outbuildings or space to build somewhere to house several thousand books plus a showroom/meeting/display area…

To cut a long story short, we found somewhere we thought would be suitable. Everything seemed to be proceding smoothly when, without warning, the developer pulled out. We found another buyer and another potential home and the same thing happened. And again.

After the third time we decided that we’d had enough and we’d stay where we are, a decision that was received with unconcealed delight in some quarters.

One of the reasons that affected our decision to move was the fact that we needed to make fairly extensive repairs, including window replacements, repairs to roofs, heating system, etc. The basic structure of the building is sound (the Victorians knew what they were doing), but there were quite a few bits that were showing their age (aren’t we all) and needed a little TLC (don’t we all).

There will be changes happening over the next few months, apart from some ongoing building work. We are reducing our stocks of standard magic (look out for bargains and very special sales!), and further developing the mail order and publishing sides. We’re continuing to work closely with demon illustrator Jake Smithies, and you should see some announcements soon about new projects with exciting magical authors.

2021 has been stressful and problematical for most people for various reasons. For Julie, June and myself, we’re intending to put the hassles and uncertainties of the past months behind us and work towards an exciting and fulfilling new phase for Magick.

Watch this space!

Just arrived – a tasty selection of new books (100+ titles). Mostly still shrinkwrapped. Please note that we have only one or two copies of each title. Available for collection now, or postage at cost.

I’ve listed a few titles below. If you’d like a full list message me with your email address. (Or check your email if you’re on our mailing list!)

BOOTH, JOHN. Dramatic Magic.
BROWN. ED. Feints and Temps of Harry Riser.
DAWES, EDWIN A. Barrister in the Circle.
ERENS, OLIVER (ed). Concertos for Pasteboards.
FROST, RON. After the Force.
FULVES, KARL. Epilogue.
GALLOWAY, ANDREW. Ramsey Finale.
HARRIS, PAUL. A Close-Up Kinda Guy.
HARTMAN, J.K. Trickery Treats.
JONES, LEWIS. Encyclopedia of Impromptu Card Forces.
KAUFMAN, RICHARD. Jennings 67.
LORAYNE, HARRY. Decksterity.
MARLO, ED. Flashpoints.
MAXWELL, MIKE. Bruce Cervon’s Black & White Trick & Other Assorted Mysteries (with cards).
MINCH, STEPHEN. Spectacle.
MURPHY, T.G. Imagication.
NEALE, ROBERT E. The Magic Mirror.
NUZZO, JAMES, & MARLO, ED. Art and Ardor at the Card Table.
PIERCE, LANCE. Roger Klaus in Concert.
POWERS, MICHAEL. Top Secret Stuff.
RACHERBAUMER, JON. Lost Pages of Kabbala.
RACHERBAUMER, JON. The Wild Card Kit (with cards).
RAUSCHER, WILLIAM V. The Houdini Code Mystery: A Spirit Secret Solved.
WAGNER, BOB. Master Notebook of Magic.
WHITING, WAYNE. Terry Lagerould’s Pasteboard Presentations.
WILLIAMS, DICK & VIRGINIA. Lights Camera Magic.

Buy One Get One Free on all DVDs, new and second-hand.

(Cheapest free, but you knew that, didn’t you?)

You can download a list of our second-hand DVDs from here:

Click to access SH-DVDs-Jun-2020.pdf