Saturday Sessions

We’re trying to understand the new Covid rules and how they effect us, The Magick Lounge and the Saturday mini-sessions…

It does seem that everyone will need to wear masks all the time except when eating or drinking. Otherwise everything else remains the same:

  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Maximum of four people at the mini-session at the rear of the shop or in the ‘bizarre room’.
  • You can, of course, call in to make a purchase at any time, while wearing a mask.

Should you refuse to wear a mask on the grounds that Covid is:

A) a government conspiracy;

B) the result of mind control by little green men;

C) it was real, has now vanished but Johnson is keeping up the pretence to take attention away from the Brexit cock-up;

D) it is real but you’re young and healthy enough to survive it so bollox to everyone else;

E) any other reason, including selfishness, arrogance, idiocy and belief in some unsubstantiated theory you read on Facebook;

then we accept your decision just so long as you accept ours to refuse to admit you.

Thank you. Stay safe. X

As we are moving towards a slight relaxation of lockdown restrictions we’ve taken another look at how this might affect Magick.

So, from Monday 1 June we’ll be available for collections during our normal opening hours. You will need to ring me during these hours on 0114 276 0482 to check we have what you need in stock. I’ll then get things together for you to collect. Appropriate social distancing will be maintained.

From 15 June we’ll be open for you to call in. Until further notice, one customer at a time, please, and I’m afraid that extended browsing sessions will be discouraged. (And it’s still probably best to ring first.)

This means that there will be no Saturday Sessions at the moment. Sorry about that. I’ll post updates on our blog and Facebook page, where you’ll also find details of new additions to our stock.

Our website is still open, of course, at and you can still contact us by email:

With love and very best wishes to you all from Russell, June and Julie.


Regular Loungers will know that the chairs we use for the Saturday Sessions, Lectures, etc., are showing signs of age and wear. (As are some of the Loungers, but we can’t do anything about that…) A few days ago we had to throw quite a few away (chairs, not Loungers).

Julie jokingly mentioned a couple of weeks ago that for our 40th Anniversary (Saturday 18 November!), regulars could buy their own chairs, which we would label appropriately, or put their names on if they prefer. To our surprise this was greeted with enthusiasm and very little hilarity.

We’ve done a little research and there are some suggestions above. We’ll be making a visit to Ikea in the near future (the things we do for our ‘customers’!), so let us know if you want us to make a purchase on your behalf. As I said above, if you’d like to provide your own chair, feel free. Size is important so any chairs must fold flat, so no Game of Thrones replicas, Jared. Or the ones with the leather restraints… you know who you are.

We were pleased to welcome Eric Jones to the Lounge recently. Eric is currently touring with his highly-praised new lecture. So we’re even more pleased to announce that we’ve been able to persuade him to fit in an extra date for us: this Sunday 28 May.

For those who’ve been paying no attention to the buzz on the magic scene lately, Eric is an award-winning performer who is highly respected by his peers in the magic community as an author, creator and lecturer.

He will be sharing some of his pet techniques, effects and routines on Sunday evening. Prepare to be astounded by his digital dexterity, as well as the clarity and depth of his explanations and his luxuriant beard.

If you have any interest in close-up, card or coin magic, you must not miss this session. Several magicians who have seen Eric at other venues on his tour will be journeying to Sheffield to learn more from this master magician.

“Truly beautiful close-up… He’s one of the best breathing magicians at the moment in my opinion.” Damian Surr. (Who, as a past and some-time Lounger, knows whereof he speaks.)

The lecture is at 7:30 pm on Sunday 28 May at The Magic Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG. Doors open at 7:00 pm to all magical connoiseurs and others. The latest electric lighting installed to suit everyone. No dress code. Admission is £5 to Sheffield Circle members, £10 to visiting magicians.

I had a call earlier from someone who’d seen my previous post about Explaindio, asking if it was really as easy as I said it was, and what could you do with it. So I took a little time out this evening to make a short test video.

Please note that this is not intended as a serious promotional offering. I knocked it out in about 20 minutes as a way of getting to know the program and seeing what it can do. So I’ve mixed static and hand-written text, video, cartoon characters, still images, etc.

The result won’t win any prizes. (If I was going to do it properly I’d keep some of the text on the screen longer so even kids’ entertainers would have time to read it, for example.) But it does show what you can do using the standard ‘slides’ and animations that come with the pack.

It is a very simple, menu-led program. You add ‘slides’ to the simple timeline and just add your own text and pics. There are a couple of teaching videos on the Explaindio website, but you don’t really need then to start using the program. Just pitch in and click a few buttons like I did…

But keep it simpler; don’t use all the facilities in one video!

Confession: Although the program does come with some royalty-free music I added my own instead. But you probably guessed that.

Another recent visitor to The Lounge was Andrew Normansell. Here he performs ‘Forced Option’ from his book The Man Who Would Be King and ‘Twisting Dai Vernon’ from his DVD 100% Commercial Close-up Magic.

(The clip intro might not look very exciting, but it was the result of a couple of hours struggle with Adobe After Effects… a great program but not exactly intuitive.)

Another ‘Saturday Session’ video. Here you’ll see Chris Clarke presenting his ‘Pounded’ coin through table at The Magick Lounge. (More stock on its way! No table provided.)

Our astute reader will have noticed that we have been adding a few Saturday Sessions videos to our YouTube Channel. They aren’t like proper magic videos as they’re simply shot with a single hand-held camera and no special lighting… actually, come to think of it that is like most magic videos (but not Magick videos, of course).

This is Adam Bell performing his own routine Kingdom Come, which first appeared in Al Smith‘s Abacus magazine. (If anyone has the issue reference to hand please add it below.)

If you’d like to see more of these, add your comments below. Or if you’re visiting The Magick Lounge why not come prepared to be added to our growing showcase of illustrious performers? (It’s not just Adam, you know.)