Had an email from Suren Ram via this blog. He’s looking for a book “named ‘Indra Jaal’ (Similar spellings: Indrajal, or Indra Jäl).” He says that the book “has an Hindu origin”. He’s seeking preferably an English language version, or if not, a copy of the original. If anyone has any information on this book let us know and we’ll forward details to Suren.

We do have over two-and-a-half thousand second-hand books in stock but haven’t come across this title. (Another subtle plug there; check out the Recycled Magic pdf.)

I seem to recall the Sorcar show was called Indra Jaal? I remember seeing Sorcar Junior in London many years ago. In fact I went on stage to help with his blindfold routine. He cued me quietly to write something mathematical so I wrote an algebra problem on the board which he solved instantly. The blackboard was a long hinged board, fairly low, probably the top not much above waist height. Great show, with an Indian pit orchestra.