Two deliveries today: six large boxes containing some great books, plus some fine items in carved wood, copper and brass. Pictures will follow, And there are two more boxes of books due tomorrow!

If you could see you way to calling in and making a few purchases as soon as possible that would be great. June is complaining that we’re running out of space.



This is my latest promotional video. This time for the book Hunted by Nick Stead. I’ve done vampire books promos before (as well as magic-related ones) but this is my first werewolf video… a howling success?

The video was shot by myself and Julie on the moors near Holme Moss. All the music, effects and foley were added later in our Broad Street studio. Voiceover is by the author, Nick Stead.

Hunted is the second book in Nick’s Hybrid series and is available from today, Halloween 2016, from Amazon. Here’s the link.

IMG_5493_sA load of books arrived this afternoon: some great titles, and all in excellent condition, plus a few tasty props. First batch of books now on the shelf. Am preparing a list. Email me if you’d like a copy (address on the ABOUT MAGICK section).

Boy's Book of MagicI sometimes think we’re too cheap. Just had an email from a bookseller offering a copy of the 1957 edition of The Boy’s Book of Magic at £67.99. I have in stock the 1956 edition at £7.50 (plus postage).

Good book though. Probably the first magic book I ever owned. It cost 7s 6d (38p) back then. So I suppose we’re still making a pretty good mark-up…

The Vampire SurvivorsThey go by many names: Vampires, Nosferatu, The Dark Ones, the Children of the Night. They are the stuff of legend. They occupy our nightmares and fascinate our waking thoughts. But what is it really like to be a vampire? What is it like to exist in a world ruled by mortals? Over the course of one intense month, author Paul Voodini tracked down these vampires and interviewed them, finding out in fascinating, personal detail what it means to be a creature of the night. These are not the demonic creatures of horror films, nor the angst-ridden playthings of romantic novels. These are Vampires, and they are Survivors!

My copy of Paul’s The Vampire Survivors arrived a few days ago. The 156-page book is well produced and makes excellent night-time reading. (Just make sure you lock the doors — and windows — first.)

Be prepared to meet Nancy Beck, turned during a vampire feeding frenzy in a London hospital in 1851, who exchanged her newborn child for a dark, eternal life. And Jessica Cooper, turned as teenager and doomed to wait for ever for her lost love.

The monstrous Lady Jane Cunningham is definitely to be avoided, but you can’t help feeling a touch of tainted sympathy for the ‘natural-borns’ Aya and Dibs Varga, driven from their home in Budapest by Vatican sponsored vampire hunts.

And there’s Edwin Simone, turned on the Somme battlefield. Carlyle Dannennfesler from New York, turned in 1840 and now an investment banker. Georgina Strong, who solves for us the identity of Jack the Ripper.

The Vampire Survivors is available here, price £9.99.

A recent addition to our our burgeoning range of second-hand books. Actually, this is no longer for sale as a few minutes after putting it on the shelf someone grabbed it and waved his wallet. Briefly remembering the essential function of a magic shop, I succumbed.

(Just so long as it doesn’t turn up on eBay for twice the price, as happened recently.)

Nice cover though! (Didn’t he used to come into the shop and complain that he’d bought that £20 prop in Davenports for 3/6 a few years ago?)

New titles are constantly being added to our range of second-hand books. Recently I bought another major collection of books on mentalism and related crafts, including many rare and out-of-print titles. (Those who have titles on a ‘wants list’ with us will have been emailed where appropriate.)

The problem is keeping our lists up to date. I’ve therefore decided to list a few choice titles here from time to time. Prices in brackets are new/original prices, the final price on each item is our selling price (all plus post at cost). Drop me an email if you’re interested.

ARCANE, PETER. The Elucidator. 2005, 24pp, sgd. (£28.00) £21.00.
BUCKNER, CHARLES A. Charlie’s Brain Twisters I & II. 1997, 35pp. (£25.00) £18.75.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Lecture Notes. 1998, 24pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Medium’s Grip. Seance, 1988, 8pp. (£8.00) £6.00.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Medium’s Grip. 1999, 6pp ms. (£8.00) £6.00.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Spirit Bell. 1999, 4pp. (£8.00) £6.00.
HICKOK, CHUCK. Mentalism Incoporated. 2002, hb, dw, 190pp. (£42.00) £31.50.
HICKOK, CHUCK. Thought-Full Telepathy. 2009, 64pp, sgd. (£25.00) £18.75.
JAY, RICKY. Jay’s Journal of Anomalies. 2003, 210pp (£18.00) £13.50.
KAPLAN, GEORGE G. The Fine Art of Magic. Fleming, 1948, hb, dw, 350pp, sgd. (£50.00) £37.50.
KARGES, CRAIG. The CK Connection. Jacobs, 1986, 50pp. (£15.00) £11.25.
LESLEY, TED. Paramiracles. Hermetic, 1994, hb, dw, 312pp. (£28.00) £21.00.
MANN, AL. Acidus. sgd, ltd 200. (£30.00) £22.50.
MARK, RICHARD. No Way Q&A. 2000, 15pp. (£18.00) £13.50.
MARK, RICHARD. Phantom Hand. 1994, 22pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
MAVEN, MAX. Prism. Hermetic, 2005, hb, dw, 238pp. (£30.00) £22.50.
NEALE, ROBERT. Six Card Swindle. Busby, 1985, 23pp. (£10.00) £7.50.
NYMAN, ANDY. Fight Dirty. 2002, 28pp. (£15.00) £11.25.
RICHARDSON, BARRIE. Act Two. Hermetic, 2005, hb, dw, 381pp, sgd. (£40.00) £30.00.
RICHARDSON, BARRIE. Theatre of the Mind. Hermetic, 1999, hb, dw, 319pp. (£36.00) £27.00.
RIGGS, JOHN. Psychic Pselections. 2004, 57pp, sgd. (£28.00) £21.00.
RIGGS, JOHN. Unchained. 1998, 26pp, sgd. (£10.00) £7.50.
RIGGS, JOHN. Unchained. 1996, 27pp. (£12.00) £9.00.
ROWLAND, IAN. Alpha Series 1: Mentalism. 2003, 52pp. (£18.00) £13.50.
ROWLAND, IAN. Alpha Series 2: Cards. 2003, 28pp. (£18.00) £13.50.
ROWLAND, IAN. Lecture Notes Blackpool 2007. 40pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
SCHUBERT, ROY. Big Reads Plus. 2004, 32pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
SHAW, STEVE (Banachek). Pre Thoughts. 1992, 22pp. (£12.50) £9.38.
TAPERT, ANNETTE. Siegfried & Roy: Mastering the Impossible. Morrow, 1992, hb, dw, 336pp. (£50.00) £37.50.
TILLAR, JACK KENT. The Blister Book. 2007, 115pp. (£33.50) £25.13.

Back to another box-full. I’ll post more gems here soon. Excluding the ones which end up on my own shelves.

And, before I forget again, a (not-quite) Weekly Wheeze:

Have you heard about this great new book club? You send them £20 and they leave you alone for the rest of the year.

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