New additions to our range of recycled magic DVDs. All are in good condition and come complete with props and/or gimmicks where appropriate.  New price in brackets, our price afterwards (normally 25% off, unless I got an especially good deal from the seller). All prices plus postage at cost.

ALEXANDER, SCOTT. The Final Answer. Kohler, 2 DVDs & gimmick. (£40.00) £30.00.
BANNON, JOHN, & MONTIER, LIAM. Fractalicious. BBM, with props. (£20.00) £15.00.
BANNON, JOHN. Smoke & Mirrors. MyMagic. 90 minutes. (£25.00) £18.75.
EGGINK, PETER. eLit. With gimmick. (£30.00) £22.50.
FENIK. Genesis Vol. 1. DV Magic (£20.00) £15.00.
FORREST, DAVID. DeLorian. Full52, with props. (£13.50) £10.13.
FORREST, DAVID. Radio Rental. Full52. (£25.00) £18.75.
JAY, DAVID. The Ringmaster. WizardFX (£40.00) £26.25.
JONES, GARY, & CONGREAVE, CHRIS. Automata. Full52. (£22.00) £16.50.
MACIA, OLIVIER. Control Freak. Camirand.,81 mins. (£12.99) £9.74.
MO & RYU-KA. Emperor. (£28.00) £21.00.
NORMANSELL, ANDREW. Xpresso. MagicWorld, with props. (£15.00) £11.25.
PIACENTE, SAL. Expert Card Magic. MagicMakers (£25.00) £18.75.
PIPER, JAMES. Piper Active. RSVP (£15.00) £11.25.
ROBSON, HARRY, & WRIGHT, MATTHEW. The Reputation Maker. (£25.00) £18.75.
ROSS, ERIC. Election. Paper Crane. (£15.00) £11.25.
SANDERS, RICHARD, & ABBOTT, BILL. Power Ball 60. With props. (£20.00) £15.00.
SANDERS, RICHARD. Extreme Burn. With gimmick. (£25.00) £18.75.
SMITH, LEE, & JONES, GARY. iCandy. RSVP (£20.00) £15.00.
SOLOMON, DAVID. Secret Subtleties. BBM (£30.00) £22.50.
SOMA. The Social Deck. With deck. (£34.00) £25.50.
SOUTHWORTH, MARK. Cash Vault. Illusioncraft, with props. (£12.50) £9.38.
SOUTHWORTH, MARK. The Changer. Illusioncraft, with props. (£25.00) £18.75.
WALLACE, CASSHAN. Camera Tricks. Murphy, with gimmicks. (£25.00) £18.75.

Stocks are limited, of course, so ring or email before ordering. Thanks.

A recent addition to our our burgeoning range of second-hand books. Actually, this is no longer for sale as a few minutes after putting it on the shelf someone grabbed it and waved his wallet. Briefly remembering the essential function of a magic shop, I succumbed.

(Just so long as it doesn’t turn up on eBay for twice the price, as happened recently.)

Nice cover though! (Didn’t he used to come into the shop and complain that he’d bought that £20 prop in Davenports for 3/6 a few years ago?)

Meant to post this earlier, but better late…

It’s the Sheffield Circle’s magic auction night tonight at the Lounge… the perfect opportunity to get rid of the stuff you can’t perform (except for those still performing it). Free admission for non-members in good standing.

Just posted an event invitation for this on Facebook and received an email:

“… moved a box the other day with **** in it that I bought 15 years ago at one of them! – err collectables I invested in…”

Well, I reckon one man’s **** is another man’s four-star entertainment spectacular.

Then I’ve always been an optimist. (It was top of the list of necessary qualifications for becoming a magic dealer. In Sheffield.)

Here is an action shot of the author auctioning an item to one of the many keen bidders (including telephone bidders) at this evening’s event…

20120202-082056 PM.jpg

New titles are constantly being added to our range of second-hand books. Recently I bought another major collection of books on mentalism and related crafts, including many rare and out-of-print titles. (Those who have titles on a ‘wants list’ with us will have been emailed where appropriate.)

The problem is keeping our lists up to date. I’ve therefore decided to list a few choice titles here from time to time. Prices in brackets are new/original prices, the final price on each item is our selling price (all plus post at cost). Drop me an email if you’re interested.

ARCANE, PETER. The Elucidator. 2005, 24pp, sgd. (£28.00) £21.00.
BUCKNER, CHARLES A. Charlie’s Brain Twisters I & II. 1997, 35pp. (£25.00) £18.75.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Lecture Notes. 1998, 24pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Medium’s Grip. Seance, 1988, 8pp. (£8.00) £6.00.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Medium’s Grip. 1999, 6pp ms. (£8.00) £6.00.
CARLYLE, E. RAYMOND. Spirit Bell. 1999, 4pp. (£8.00) £6.00.
HICKOK, CHUCK. Mentalism Incoporated. 2002, hb, dw, 190pp. (£42.00) £31.50.
HICKOK, CHUCK. Thought-Full Telepathy. 2009, 64pp, sgd. (£25.00) £18.75.
JAY, RICKY. Jay’s Journal of Anomalies. 2003, 210pp (£18.00) £13.50.
KAPLAN, GEORGE G. The Fine Art of Magic. Fleming, 1948, hb, dw, 350pp, sgd. (£50.00) £37.50.
KARGES, CRAIG. The CK Connection. Jacobs, 1986, 50pp. (£15.00) £11.25.
LESLEY, TED. Paramiracles. Hermetic, 1994, hb, dw, 312pp. (£28.00) £21.00.
MANN, AL. Acidus. sgd, ltd 200. (£30.00) £22.50.
MARK, RICHARD. No Way Q&A. 2000, 15pp. (£18.00) £13.50.
MARK, RICHARD. Phantom Hand. 1994, 22pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
MAVEN, MAX. Prism. Hermetic, 2005, hb, dw, 238pp. (£30.00) £22.50.
NEALE, ROBERT. Six Card Swindle. Busby, 1985, 23pp. (£10.00) £7.50.
NYMAN, ANDY. Fight Dirty. 2002, 28pp. (£15.00) £11.25.
RICHARDSON, BARRIE. Act Two. Hermetic, 2005, hb, dw, 381pp, sgd. (£40.00) £30.00.
RICHARDSON, BARRIE. Theatre of the Mind. Hermetic, 1999, hb, dw, 319pp. (£36.00) £27.00.
RIGGS, JOHN. Psychic Pselections. 2004, 57pp, sgd. (£28.00) £21.00.
RIGGS, JOHN. Unchained. 1998, 26pp, sgd. (£10.00) £7.50.
RIGGS, JOHN. Unchained. 1996, 27pp. (£12.00) £9.00.
ROWLAND, IAN. Alpha Series 1: Mentalism. 2003, 52pp. (£18.00) £13.50.
ROWLAND, IAN. Alpha Series 2: Cards. 2003, 28pp. (£18.00) £13.50.
ROWLAND, IAN. Lecture Notes Blackpool 2007. 40pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
SCHUBERT, ROY. Big Reads Plus. 2004, 32pp. (£20.00) £15.00.
SHAW, STEVE (Banachek). Pre Thoughts. 1992, 22pp. (£12.50) £9.38.
TAPERT, ANNETTE. Siegfried & Roy: Mastering the Impossible. Morrow, 1992, hb, dw, 336pp. (£50.00) £37.50.
TILLAR, JACK KENT. The Blister Book. 2007, 115pp. (£33.50) £25.13.

Back to another box-full. I’ll post more gems here soon. Excluding the ones which end up on my own shelves.

And, before I forget again, a (not-quite) Weekly Wheeze:

Have you heard about this great new book club? You send them £20 and they leave you alone for the rest of the year.

We’ve recently updated our extensive list of second-hand props, books and DVDs… 44 packed pages! This is available as a pdf from the ‘Recycled Magic’ page on this blog or by clicking the link below:

Recycled Magic PDF

Just had a note from Lounger Zdenek Bradac to say he broke another Guinness World Record, this time for the most juggling catches in one minute, on 12 July, in Altenburg, Germany.

And talking about juggling, in between major alterations to the studio here (well, more shelving anyway) I’m cataloguing some rather choice magic books and DVDs that came in yesterday. Authors include Marlo, Swain, Racherbaumer, Osterlind, Fulves, Lorayne, Kaufman. Second hand but most pristine. Drop me an email if you’d like a list as soon as available.

Had an email from Suren Ram via this blog. He’s looking for a book “named ‘Indra Jaal’ (Similar spellings: Indrajal, or Indra Jäl).” He says that the book “has an Hindu origin”. He’s seeking preferably an English language version, or if not, a copy of the original. If anyone has any information on this book let us know and we’ll forward details to Suren.

We do have over two-and-a-half thousand second-hand books in stock but haven’t come across this title. (Another subtle plug there; check out the Recycled Magic pdf.)

I seem to recall the Sorcar show was called Indra Jaal? I remember seeing Sorcar Junior in London many years ago. In fact I went on stage to help with his blindfold routine. He cued me quietly to write something mathematical so I wrote an algebra problem on the board which he solved instantly. The blackboard was a long hinged board, fairly low, probably the top not much above waist height. Great show, with an Indian pit orchestra.