I’ve had a couple of calls asking if we’re open on Saturday and/or is The Lounge accessible without a boat or scuba gear. Check your local conditions, of course, but we’re fine here (open as usual today, incidentally) no puddles and traffic seems to be moving OK on Parkway. But soothing tea will be available as usual.

June did suggest we offer a 1p discount on all purchases to encourage attendance, but I felt that such an extreme reaction could set a dangerous precedent.

Nevertheless, to err on the safe side, Paul Voodini’s Recollections of a Society Clairvoyant event on Saturday evening has been cancelled. We’ll reschedule when the stars align.

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Following their hugely successful debut at the Bizarre Hauntings convention in Baltimore, USA, Mr Voodini & Madam Celeste return to the UK to present a free preview of their show Recollections of a Society Clairvoyant at Sheffield’s Magick Lounge on Saturday 9 November at 7:30 pm.

This is an enchanting two-person telepathy and second-sight act, combining theatre, stage mind-reading, and ghost stories!

Expect to be amused, bewitched, and bedazzled as you take a journey into the intoxicating world of Victorian Spiritualism in the company of Voodini & Celeste, society clairvoyants par excellence!

The Magick Lounge is at 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG. Doors will open to seekers of esoteric entertainment at 7 of the clock. Attend with an open mind and a keen but willing intellect.

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I’m very pleased to announce that on Sunday 1 November (All Souls’ Day) The Magick Lounge will be hosting The Voodini Seance Lecture.

Paul Voodini will present a unique lecture and workshop covering the areas of seance, paranormal entertainment, spiritualism, and cold reading. Paul has worked professionally for many years as a seance host, ghost walk host, tarot card and palm reader, and has worked for some of the UK’s leading ghost hunting and paranormal event companies. Paul is proud to present his years of experience in a unique lecture and workshop format aimed especially at magicians, mind-readers, and those wishing to provide entertainment with a decidedly paranormal theme.

The event will run from 10.00 a.m. until approximately 4:00 p.m. The morning session will cover all aspects of what is commonly known as cold reading – what it is, what it isn’t, how to employ it, and other methods of providing ‘readings’, before moving into the realms of seance and the paranormal.

We will then break for lunch before resuming the afternoon session. The afternoon will be occupied with seance, the paranormal, and ghost hunting. All aspects of this intriguing branch of mentalism and bizarre magick will be analysed and explored, before we finish with an experiment with ‘the talking glass’ (glass moving) and an actual seance.

This promises to be both a highly informative and highly entertaining day. Paul is passionate about this work and has written prolifically on the subject matter. You will be taken on a journey through the ‘dark side’ guided by perhaps the most knowledgeable person in the UK when it comes to the art of combining the esoteric with entertainment.

All those who buy tickets will also receive, free of charge, a copy of Paul Voodini’s seminal PDF The Paranormal Entertainer. This PDF has a value of £18 and will be emailed out to you completely free of charge shortly after you purchase your tickets. If you already own The Paranormal Entertainer you may request that it be substituted for another PDF(s) of equal value, or the £18 value be deducted from a more expensive purchase.

The ticket price for this exclusive day-long event is £45. Due to the intimate nature of the venue, ticket numbers are extremely limited so please don’t delay in booking your place.

To buy a ticket, please go to:


Paul will email confirmation of your seat at the lecture within 24 hours of purchase. No physical tickets will be issued. If you wish to substitute your free copy of The Paranormal Entertainer with a different PDF, please email Paul at sheffieldmagic@hotmail.co.uk.

To confirm, this exclusive lecture/workshop is on Sunday 1 November at The Magick Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield. S2 5TG.  Doors open at 9:45 a.m. The ticket price of £45 includes a buffet lunch and Paul Voodini’s Paranormal Entertainer PDF emailed to you. Please book early to secure your place at this event… a day not to be missed!

The Vampire SurvivorsThey go by many names: Vampires, Nosferatu, The Dark Ones, the Children of the Night. They are the stuff of legend. They occupy our nightmares and fascinate our waking thoughts. But what is it really like to be a vampire? What is it like to exist in a world ruled by mortals? Over the course of one intense month, author Paul Voodini tracked down these vampires and interviewed them, finding out in fascinating, personal detail what it means to be a creature of the night. These are not the demonic creatures of horror films, nor the angst-ridden playthings of romantic novels. These are Vampires, and they are Survivors!

My copy of Paul’s The Vampire Survivors arrived a few days ago. The 156-page book is well produced and makes excellent night-time reading. (Just make sure you lock the doors — and windows — first.)

Be prepared to meet Nancy Beck, turned during a vampire feeding frenzy in a London hospital in 1851, who exchanged her newborn child for a dark, eternal life. And Jessica Cooper, turned as teenager and doomed to wait for ever for her lost love.

The monstrous Lady Jane Cunningham is definitely to be avoided, but you can’t help feeling a touch of tainted sympathy for the ‘natural-borns’ Aya and Dibs Varga, driven from their home in Budapest by Vatican sponsored vampire hunts.

And there’s Edwin Simone, turned on the Somme battlefield. Carlyle Dannennfesler from New York, turned in 1840 and now an investment banker. Georgina Strong, who solves for us the identity of Jack the Ripper.

The Vampire Survivors is available here, price £9.99.

"I think your goldfish has died."

A few days, as I write, before the Paul Voodini lecture. Lots of interest in this one, from Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester… and Canada! I’m looking forward to a fascinating and informative evening.

If you haven’t confirmed your ticket, please do so as soon as possible.

And, before I forget again, the wheezes…

Apparently Adam nearly had a psychic girlfriend once, but she left him before they met.

He showed us his new four-Ace routine on Saturday, which was difficult to forget. But well worth making the effort to do so.

Reader of MindsI’ve always thought that if you really were a mindreader or mentalist you should be able to perform without magician’s props or gimmicks.

That is precisely what Paul Voodini does.

Paul describes himself as a mentalist. For the past 10 years, however, he has worked almost exclusively within the ‘paranormal’ industry. He has worked closely with some of the UK’s best known celebrity mediums and has been taught ‘from the horse’s mouth’ the techniques and tricks of the trade employed by this most secretive industry.

We are very pleased to be able to tell you that Paul has agreed to present this invaluable information in a very special lecture at the end of this month. Subjects covered in the 3-hour presentation include:

  • Running a genuine seance and making it work by harnessing the power of the guests’ imagination.
  • Setting the scene for an evening of paranormal entertainment and getting the guests in the right frame of mind.
  • The history of seance work and spiritualism.
  • The subtle use of hypnotic techniques in the seance room.
  • Cold reading — what it is and how to use it.
  • The techniques of fraudulent mediums and how mentalists and magicians can use these techniques in an entertainment setting.
  • Combining cold reading with traditional magic and mentalism to produce routines with real power.

Paul’s lectures are interactive, full of humour and amusing anecdotes, and very, very informative. Anyone attending is sure to leave with new ideas and perspectives which they will be able to apply to their own routines and performances.

He has also written two highly-recommended books: Reader of Minds on the subject of cold reading, the techniques of fraudulent mediums, and ungimmicked mind-reading; and The Paranormal Entertainer on the ungimmicked seance and paranormal entertainment. Signed copies of the books will be available on the night.

When, where and how much? I hear you cry. This very special event will take place at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 29 April at the Magick Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG. Cost is a mere £10. Be there or be forever haunted by the consequences.

(Not suitable for those of nervous disposition, or anyone whose ultimate aim is to perform a triple-Sybil with the latest designer playing cards.)