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We’re pleased to say that our old friend Matthew Johnson is back at The Lounge on 14 September with a brand new lecture.

As one of Canada’s busiest entertainers he works his unique brand of thought-provoking magic at over 300 live performances a year! He’s done it all, from cruise ships and international hotels to corporate events for Fortune 500 companies and theatres throughout the world. He has appeared in films, TV shows and recently appeared as a contestant on the hit TV show Wizard Wars filmed in Los Angeles, California.

As a creator of original magic and mentalism Matt has released countless effects, books, DVDs and instant downloads over the past 25 years. He has also been a featured performer and teacher for other creators and can be seen on the TA box set and in the marketed effect ‘Freedom Writer’ both by Paul Harris Presents.

In 2013 he was approached by Penguin Magic to release some of his own effects, including the best sellers, Melt and Melt 2.0, Pen Through Finger and Sweet. Matt did his first Penguin Live Lecture in 2013.

All proved so popular that Penguin then hired Matt to rework old effects under the name ‘Matt Johnson Presents…’. Each effect is given Matt’s unique approach and worker approval. Such effects included Blindfoil, Dark Arts, Photographic, Billoon, Chaptrick White Bikes, and Blacksmith.

Matt has lectured at FISM, the Magic Circle, Hollywood’s Magic Castle, IBM in the UK, the Adelaide Magic Convention in Australia and countless other Magic Clubs and conventions around the world.

He always has something new up his sleeve, so even if you have seen Matt lecture before you are guaranteed to learn some brand new and unpublished mind-blowing magic and mentalism. All of Matt’s creations are very commercial and most of the effects instantly reset.

A few weeks ago he appeared on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us show, chained and handcuffed in a locked box full of water. We’re very pleased to say that his performance was highly successful, receiving acclaim from Penn and a big thumbs up from Teller. So he will be appearing as advertised at Sheffield’s Magick Lounge on Thursday 14 September. Doors unlocked within moments of 7 o’clock ready for a 7:30 start. Cost is £5 to Sheffield Circle members and £10 to visiting magicians. Join us.


Matt arrived from Canada this morning and drove over from Manchester airport to the Magick Lounge to collect a large package of goodies for his UK tour. Before heading to Ipswich for his first lecture we took an egg-and-bacon-sandwich break at the quayside cafe across the road from the Magick Lounge. (Home, incidentally, of the Tango Cafe every Thursday.)

Matthew bench pressing, with Criss Angel spotting.

Matthew Johnson is a busy guy. He was over in the UK for the Blackpool Convention in February. In March and April he and Chris Taylor were touring Europe with their new lecture; over 20 dates in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. Back to Canada to fit in a few shows, pump a little iron and update his tattoos before flying back to England in a couple of weeks time to present his new lecture in the UK.

He’ll be lecturing here at The Magick Lounge on Thursday 16 June at 7.30 p.m. Doors open at 7.00. Cost is £10.

As an ex-Rotherham lad, he says he’s looking forward to meeting loads of old friends. And some magicians too.

Those who have seen his work, or perhaps own his DVDs (available from Magick!) will know that Matt’s stuff is always innovative, practical, and above all, entertaining.

See you there.

If you were intrigued by my last post, have a look at this one. And be sure not to miss the lecture on the 16th!

No, it’s nothing to do with the hat; apparently Matt has chosen to wear that…

Still on the subject of the fabulous forthcoming lecture by Matt Johnson and Chris Taylor. Here’s another little foretaste…

Looking forward to finding out a little more about that!

Two of Canada’s most creative thinkers… together for a once-in-a-lifetime lecture!

Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor

“A performer I could watch over and over!” Sean Boon
“Christopher Taylor is the new Bob Cassidy!” Andrew Gerrard
“… a creator we should all desire to emulate!” Matt Sconce

What can you say about a man that defies explanation? (Actually, we get a few of those in the Lounge… but this time it’s in a good way!) Christopher Taylor is a mentalist of the highest calibre!

He has created effects for some of magic’s biggest stars and is also the man behind an array of hit magic products, such as Equinox, T3 and Real Ghost. He was the first magician outside the UK featured to be featured on an ‘Inner Mind’ DVD and is the author of two best-selling magic books Inside Out and Unconventional (H&R Press).

Get ready to learn the kind of magic that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up… Get ready to learn the mind magic of Christopher Taylor.

Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson

“Matthew’s charm, humour and charisma will keep you captivated!” Magic Magazine
“Matthew Johnson is a joy to watch!” Mark Wilson
“You can see Matthew loves the art!” Dean Dill
“Truly a Master Class!” Bradford Magic Circle

Matthew Johnson is a professional magician, lecturer, actor, comedian and magical inventor. His magic effects, books and DVDs have been sold to magicians all over the world, and several in Sheffield.

He is proud to be featured on other magicians’ projects; in 2009 he can be found as a guest performer the True Astonishments DVD set by Paul Harris, The Solstice Wallet (Christopher Taylor) and both The Chosen and The Crossroads by Tony Chris!

Get ready to learn easy magic that packs a punch! Matt’s trademark… “Instant reset!”

Two great lectures for the price of one. Don’t miss this. There’s a lot of interest being shown and we’re expecting a full house. Please let us know as soon as possible if you’re coming. Limted number of tickets remain at £10.

Christopher and Matthew will be at the Magick Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG, on Friday 16 October 2009. Doors open at 7.00, lecture starts at 7.30.