Blackpool Convention over again for another year. A little late with these notes, but the toes of our return are always trodden upon by the urgency of orders to be filled, queries to be caught and answered.

So what was the hit of the convention? Difficult to say when you spend most of your time behind the stand. The buzz around a hit trick? If there was, I didn’t hear it. The card cognoscenti, of course, cut straight to our stand to pick up their copy of the long-awaited (and glowingly-reviewed) The Magic of Fred Robinson. Author Peter Duffie was on hand for a time to sign a few copies too.

The book costs £75 and is beautifully produced, with illustrations by Paul Griffin and Roy Johnson. An inspired tribute to one of the greatest sleight-of-hand magicians the world has ever known. “I state without fear of exaggerating that Fred was one of the all-time greats, expecially with cards,” — Dai Vernon.

When stocks were delivered only a few weeks ago on three hefty pallets I was somewhat concerned about where we’d find space in our bulging stock-rooms. I needn’t have worried; we’ve been shipping copies daily from the studio here as fast as our despatch department (my sister, June) can pack them.

I seem to have a propensity for producing things that a number of discerning purchasers love, and many more have no interest in. (I remember some years ago a certain well-known dealer advising me that my problem was that I put out stuff that I would wish to buy, not stuff that would necessarily sell to the average magician. Whatever that is.) Seem to have done it again with the Magic Media Studio — a collection 101 tracks of royalty-free music for magicians, children’s entertainers. Supplied complete with an easy-to-use audio editor for £20, those who need it will want it.

Lots more to say; I haven’t even mentioned headless women, and three-foot trolls and fire engines belching fire in the Blackpool streets… That’ll have to wait until next time. I have to get back to work on editing a DVD by one of the true magic greats. Watch this space!