Diamond Jim Tyler at Magick

A full house for a packed lecture from Diamond Jim Tyler here at the Lounge on Wednesday. Diamond Jim is clearly a professional performer who actually uses the material he demonstrated and explained… lots of practical stuff here for the worker.

Difficult to pick out the plums; they’d be different for everyone, but I noticed lots of interest from our performing members in Sweet! (initialled coin or borrowed ring to sweetener packet; great for restaurants), DiaMonte (a straightforward three-card routine which packs a punch and finishes clean) and his ring and cord routine.

If you missed the lecture you can still pick up some of the items from here. We have limited supplies of DiaMonte (£20), Sweet! (£20 with bonus Birthday Card signed card to sealed envelope) and Mirrors (£24 for six routines with mirror cards). All these come with gimmicks.

We’ve also got a few copies of his best-selling Pockets Full of Miracles DVD at £25. This features 23 mind-blowing effects including The FBI Trick (comedy thumbcuff escape routine with surprise vanish of the cuffs), Animated Cardbox, Trapdoor Coins, Ring & String (a great five-phase routine with a borrowed ring), and much more.

Around four years ago I edited an amazing collection of films of Ken Brooke for Martin Breese, mostly from material originally released on 8 mm film by Harry Stanley of Unique Magic.

I was pleased and honoured that Martin asked me to do this; I’m a big fan of Ken Brooke and was a regular visitor to the Unique Studio at 14 Frith Street in the heart of Soho while at University in London. I rarely had much money to spend but Ken would always make me welcome and seemed happy for me to sit and watch the demonstrations, and the comings and goings. It was here I first met many of magic’s ‘greats’ who were regular visitors. And in later years I would spend time at Ken’s ‘Magic Place’ not far from Frith Street.

Martin rightly described Ken as “one of the most loved British magicians of all time”, and said that this was one of the most exciting projects he had ever been involved in his 50+ years in magic. And those sentiments go for me too.

The edited collection was sent to Patrick Page who kindly provided a highly informative voice-over commentary on all of the effects.  Pat knew Ken very well, and he knew the tricks that Ken performed. So here you will not only see Ken Brooke in action but will also hear a great deal about the history of the tricks and routines he performed.

There are many delightful Ken Brooke interludes that will take old-timers down memory road and which will inspire relative newcomers to magic as well.  It’s all here from Ken’s version of the Vernon Linking RingsCoins through Table, the KB Coin Box plus many of the tricks featured over the years in the Unique catalogues. Truly a feast and inspiration for all.

As a very special bonus Patrick Page also allowed us to include some sound material. This was filmed just before Ken died so sadly.  The sound material filmed by Vic Pinto and Patrick Page includes Chase the Ace and The Chop Cup routine and even the wonderful Tamariz Rabbits.

As Martin went on to say, “Oh what a treat awaits every viewer!”

The Visions of Ken Brooke DVD — NTSC region free — is available off the shelf at £25 or $40, post free anywhere. Check the About Magick page for PayPal details.

The trailer for the great new Visions of Ken Brooke DVD is finally up. It’s not exactly a prime example of video-making craft, but I hope it will give a flavour of the DVD and its contents. There’s about an hour of video altogether, ranging from silent shorts put out by Harry Stanley’‘s Unique Magic Studio in the late ’50s to material recorded shortly before Ken’s death in 1983 (was it really that long ago?).

The DVD is available from us now.

Just a note to say that the Ken Brooke DVDs Visions of Ken Brooke arrived yesterday. Those who pre-ordered; they’re on their way. Ready for your order now! Been putting together a quick trailer, which should be up here shortly.

Adam’s Weekly Wheeze?

Had my car stolen the other day. Didn’t see who did it, but I’ve got the license number.

Some time ago Martin Breese passed to me several silent films originally released by Harry Stanley over 40 years ago. Many of these featured the amazing magic of the inimitable Ken Brooke. I was virtually a weekly visitor to the Unique Studio (14 Frith Street) while at University in London, where I first met Ken, and was later a regular visitor to The Magic Place. I was pleased to be asked to help with the editing and production of Steve Cook‘s magnificent publication Legend: An anecdotal tribute to Ken Brooke. When Martin approached me with the Stanley material I was delighted to become involved with this too. It seemed almost like the other half of a total project.

I had some material I had collected myself, and Martin was able to secure permission from Patrick Page to use this together with some raw sound film of Ken in later years performing Chase the Ace, his Chop Cup routine and Bucks and Does.

Patrick also provided a fascinating and informative commentary on all of the effects that you will see on this DVD. Patrick Page knew Ken Brooke very well so you will not only see Ken Brooke at work but will also hear about the history of the tricks and routines he performed. There are too many tricks and routines to list here, but the highlights include Ken’s version of the Vernon Linking Rings, Coins through Table, the KB Coin Box plus many of the tricks featured over the years in the Unique catalogues. Truly a feast and inspiration for all.

A lot of work went into re-mastering and editing all this material. Now the NTSC master has been produced and has gone to the duplication house. The finished DVD — Visions of Ken Brooke — will be available very shortly at £25, post free anywhere for pre-publication orders. Check the About Magick page for PayPal details.

It’s been a while… sometimes life intervenes.

So, a quick update. Tonny’s lecture went well. Don’t forget that those attending can get hold of his forthcoming lecture DVD at a very special price. Keep in touch.

To placate all those who contacted us complaining about the lack of Weekly Wheezes (hi Jo), here’s a double dose. Open wide:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to point out that when I say I’m the greatest magician in the world, I’m not bragging… I’m lying.

No? OK, try this one:

This is my last gag tonight. Afterwards there’ll be a short interval… while someone opens a window.

Dead lions roar faintly but insistently. Back soon.

Jonathan Royle, unconventional hypnotist and mind magician, has been a controversial personality throughout most of his unusual and varied career. But he knows his stuff. Last weekend I was one of a small group of people from a range of disciplines who attended his Mind Magic two-day seminar in Manchester.The group included magicians, hypnotists, therapists, and NLP practitioners, which made for interesting discussions in the bar…

Contributing to the seminar was Robert Temple who demonstrated and explained his incredible See-Saw Induction technique. If you do any form of hypnosis — stage, street (?) or clinical — I strongly recommend you check out the Royle/Temple 3-DVD set which contains over 5 hours of training plus workbooks on stage hypnosis. (As it happens, we have some in stock right now! Mention this blog for a special offer!)

The seminar covered magical (‘mind reading’) techniques and routines as well as hypnotic techniques. The intention was to provide those attending with the building blocks to apply the techniques and develop routines and applications to suit their own specific requirements.

I’ve certainly attended nothing quite like it. (And I mean that in a good way!) The good news for our readers is that the event was filmed and we shall have available later this year a DVD set — DVD video plus appropriate supplementary material — which I’m confident will be invaluable to anyone who wishes to work in the fascinating field of mind magic.

We’ll keep you posted.