Diamond Jim Tyler at Magick

A full house for a packed lecture from Diamond Jim Tyler here at the Lounge on Wednesday. Diamond Jim is clearly a professional performer who actually uses the material he demonstrated and explained… lots of practical stuff here for the worker.

Difficult to pick out the plums; they’d be different for everyone, but I noticed lots of interest from our performing members in Sweet! (initialled coin or borrowed ring to sweetener packet; great for restaurants), DiaMonte (a straightforward three-card routine which packs a punch and finishes clean) and his ring and cord routine.

If you missed the lecture you can still pick up some of the items from here. We have limited supplies of DiaMonte (£20), Sweet! (£20 with bonus Birthday Card signed card to sealed envelope) and Mirrors (£24 for six routines with mirror cards). All these come with gimmicks.

We’ve also got a few copies of his best-selling Pockets Full of Miracles DVD at £25. This features 23 mind-blowing effects including The FBI Trick (comedy thumbcuff escape routine with surprise vanish of the cuffs), Animated Cardbox, Trapdoor Coins, Ring & String (a great five-phase routine with a borrowed ring), and much more.

Diamond Jim

This month sees another great presentation of practical commercial magic at the Magick Lounge. Author of Pockets Full of Miracles and the Bamboozler series, Diamond Jim Tyler is based in Dallas, Texas, but will be at the Lounge on Wednesday 11 September. Doors open at 7.02 pm and the lecture starts at 7.30. Admissions is free to SCM members and £10 to visiting magicians.

Diamond Jim has toured and lectured all over the world. His book, Pockets Full of Miracles has been picked up by Dover and should be available in general book shops under the title Close-Up Magic.

This will be so much more than just a lecture on cards or close-up magic. He will discuss and perform tricks with bottles, cans, mirrors, fire, coins, etc. You can expect to learn some close-up, ‘parlour’ tricks, bar bets, mentalism and more!

Click here to listen to an interview with Diamond Jim.

Please note that there is no Circle meeting this Thursday at the Lounge. The date has been changed to Wednesday 11 September to fit in with Diamond Jim’s busy schedule.