We were pleased to welcome Eric Jones to the Lounge recently. Eric is currently touring with his highly-praised new lecture. So we’re even more pleased to announce that we’ve been able to persuade him to fit in an extra date for us: this Sunday 28 May.

For those who’ve been paying no attention to the buzz on the magic scene lately, Eric is an award-winning performer who is highly respected by his peers in the magic community as an author, creator and lecturer.

He will be sharing some of his pet techniques, effects and routines on Sunday evening. Prepare to be astounded by his digital dexterity, as well as the clarity and depth of his explanations and his luxuriant beard.

If you have any interest in close-up, card or coin magic, you must not miss this session. Several magicians who have seen Eric at other venues on his tour will be journeying to Sheffield to learn more from this master magician.

“Truly beautiful close-up… He’s one of the best breathing magicians at the moment in my opinion.” Damian Surr. (Who, as a past and some-time Lounger, knows whereof he speaks.)

The lecture is at 7:30 pm on Sunday 28 May at The Magic Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG. Doors open at 7:00 pm to all magical connoiseurs and others. The latest electric lighting installed to suit everyone. No dress code. Admission is £5 to Sheffield Circle members, £10 to visiting magicians.

The next event at The Lounge is a lecture from Juan Luis Rubiales on Thursday 5 November.

Juan Luis is one of Spain’s most renowned magicians. His teachers were Leon Camacho, who taught him the craft of prestidigitation, and Juan Tamariz, who introduced him to the field of psychology and performance skills. He is a past Close-Up Champion of Spain.

“He is very creative, he has an authentic and unique style… like his magic, authentic and genuine, a real marvel. Thank you Juanlu for what you are doing.” Juan Tamariz

He performs extraordinary magic with coins and knives and has devised new techniques in this area, developing original routines that demonstrate his high level of creativity and original thinking.

“His magic is absolutely brilliant.” William Kalush

Those attending this event will discover that the magic of Juan Luis Rubiales is for everyone who loves our craft, whatever their level. Much of his work depends on an understanding of method and techniques rather than complex technical prowess.

A pure product of the Spanish School of magic, Juan Luis is a worthy heir to Juan Tamariz: beautiful magic but especially a very strong personality and a creative spirit that is infectious!

The lecture is at The Magick Lounge, Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG, on Thursday 5 November at 7.30 p.m. Doors open at 7:03. Entrance is free for Sheffield Circle members, £10 for visiting magicians. In keeping with the bonfire night date we are sure to see some sparkling and colourful magic!

Andi GladwinNovember looks like being a vintage month for lectures here at The Lounge. On Thursday 1 November we have professional close-up and stand-up magician Andi Gladwin presenting his acclaimed lecture, plus a bonus of three new pieces!

Earlier this month Andi received The John Nevil Maskelyne Literary Award from The Magic Circle. The award is presented for “noteworthy contributions to the art or literature of magic”, so it is clear that this is a lecture not to be missed.

Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll learn:

An introduction to the Master Pushoff;

A decent helping of close-up tricks that Andi uses in his professional performances;

A full stand-up routine that fits in a briefcase, yet fills a stage;

If the audience wishes, he is also prepared to add a brief talk, with some interesting thoughts on marketing for magicians. (I trust you will wish; marketing is vital to anyone who hopes to earn a living from magic, but is too often overlooked.)

The lecture starts at 7:30 at The Magick Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield S2 5TG. Doors open at 7:11 p.m. Admission is £10, but free to paid-up members of the Sheffield Circle of Magicians.

The next lecture here at the Lounge is ‘Goodies Galore’ by Sean Goodman. This will include performances and explanations of Sean’s close-up magic and mentalism as well as information on the important business side of magic we so often overlook.  Sean’s website can be found at  . It promises to be an interesting and entertaining evening.

Admission is £10, but free to paid-up members of the Sheffield Circle of Magicians.  Doors open at 7.10 p.m., and the event starts at 7.30 at The Magick Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield S2 5TG.

“Sean Goodman’s unassuming stage presence belies a showman’s deadly accuracy with magic…”  The Eastern Daily Press.