Jared and I have written a new blurb for Bolted! which is intended for a major email promotion next week. What do you think?


A stunning climax to your card routines

Imagine… within seconds of your spectator signing a playing card or business card, you remove a card box from your inside jacket pocket, and from that box you produce the same signed card  securely locked and bolted between two clear acrylic blocks.

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Now that’s impossible!

The effect of having a spectator’s signed card appear in some impossible location is a classic in commercial walk-round and close-up magic. It’s easy to follow and memorable. With Bolted!, Jared Manley takes the basic effect to a whole new level. Consider this:

  1. It is surprisingly easy to do. Jared’s own routine does not require palming.
  2. The presentation is logical, and at the climax the spectator has a card with your name on it. (Compare that with the standard card to wallet where the spectator ends up with a card with his name on it; he’ll remember the trick, but will he remember your name?)
  3. Can be performed with business cards, giving a legitimate reason for a spectator to receive your card. Ideal for exhibitions and promotions where you retain the spectator’s card and he or she gets your or your company’s business card.
  4. The acrylic blocks with the signed card securely bolted between them can be freely handled by the spectator.
  5. The precision engineered prop has been developed through hundreds of performances for ease of use. Resets in seconds.
  6. Not just for magicians. Bolted! makes a great final reveal of an apparently totally tamper-proof prediction.

We’ve re-shot a performance too:

Sample Routine

You explain that sometimes signed playing cards can be extremely valuable, especially if the person who signed it is a celebrity… maybe just like the spectator!

You ask the spectator to select any playing card, sign it clearly and keep it secure between their hands, as this maybe the safest place for it to be at the moment.

You then sign your own playing card and explain that the safest place to keep it could be in your pocket. Another safe place could be in a card box (which you immediately produce from your pocket)… but sometimes that’s just not safe enough.

The spectator now finds that they are now holding your signed card! You now open the card box and slowly pull out their signed card, securely bolted between two clear acrylic blocks.

After they’ve examined the Bolted! signed card you take it back, explaining that you want to keep it safe for when its worth thousands in the future. They can keep your signed card; perhaps it will be worth just as much one day!

This highly precision engineered effect is packaged in a elegant box and comes with an instructional DVD and black storage pouch for the Bolted! unit to be kept in between performances.

Jared Manley's Bolted!We’re pleased to say that new Bolted! stock has now arrived and all outstanding orders have been despatched.

We’ve also recorded a new DVD with some additional points on handling and an extra demo clip. This is being included with all current orders, of course, but if you have the original DVD just send it to us with a £1 to cover post and packing and I’ll happily replace it for you and throw in the little carrying pouch we now include.

The original DVD does cover all the essentials, it’s just that following demonstrations at Blackpool we decided to cross the odd ‘t’ and dot a couple of ‘i’s.

We’ve also got the new packaging… what do you think?

All orders made at the Blackpool offer price of £45 have now been completed. Cost is now £49.95 (plus post at cost), but you do get the new DVD, handy carrying pouch and a rather pretty box!

IMG_0128_smWell, Blackpool came and went as Blackpools do. We had a good one; sales were steady, we met old friends and several Sheffield magicians, saw a great show and half a good one, and even got in a bit of dancing (magic can take a variety of forms).

After an initial surge on Friday morning sales slumped somewhat for the rest of the day, although there was a constant demand for our update sheets. They must have had some effect because (despite the fact that I’d managed to miss Bolted! off the list) we had a steady stream of customers through Saturday and Sunday.

Talking of Bolted!, this was a definite hit. Jared zipped across the Coronation Street set (a popular TV programme about people who shout at each other a lot, I understand) and demonstrated virtually non-stop… including in the Ruskin at night.

Since Blackpool he’s been working hard to produce more and we now have additional stock. Please note that Bolted! is a precision-made item, each one being produced and hand-finished to a high tolerance (vital in card magic) so orders are being dealt with in strict rotation. As I write they’re available off the shelf, but to judge by the number of enquiries coming in, this situation is unlikely to last long. Ring or email if you’re interested.

In case you didn’t go to Blackpool and missed the buzz, here’s the promo: