‘Pre-show’ video for my performance for SmartDanceWorks at the Dance Connections weekender in a couple of weeks time. With thanks to Ashton and Howard Carter and Mr D Baines…

Our strange tale begins, not in the deserts of Egypt as you might expect, but over 2000 miles away in Morecambe. A major attraction in the popular holiday resort was the Pleasure Park, later Frontierland. The site was purchased in 1909 by the Thompson family, who also owned Blackpool’ Pleasure Beach, home from 1930 of the first ever ‘ghost train’. Capitalising on the human fascination with fear and the mind’s darker fantasies, the ghost train proved highly popular, and it wasn’t long before Thompson introduced a similar ride at Morecambe. It several refurbishments over the years and was finally demolished in 1999.

During one of the refurbishments, as the various plaster skeletons, witches and demons were removed, a bizarre discovery was made… at one point in the ride the head and shoulders of a beautiful woman appear to metamorphose into a decomposing corpse. It was the corpse that grabbed a worker’s attention. He noticed that the strangely mounted head was not a crude plaster prop, but in fact real human remains.

The question is, whose were they? How did they get there, and why were they hidden in a holiday theme park attraction? And where are they now?