Tarot decks for magicians, designed by Taylor Imagineering

These are new Tarot decks with special features requested by many bizarre and close-up magicians, and several bizarre close-up magicians.

They are poker-sized to allowing them to be handled easier than standard tarot cards. And the backs incorporate a deceptive marking system.

The cards are boxed in two sets: the Major and Minor Arcanas. Together they form more than a full Tarot deck… much more.

The Ledger Major Arcana Deck contains 55 cards:

  • Two full sets of marked major arcana cards (2 x 22 cards)
  • One unmarked double-back card
  • Four Sun/Death double-faced cards (perform your favourite version of Wild Card with Tarot!)
  • Three extra copies of the Death card
  • Three extra copies of the Sun card

The Ledger Minor Arcana Deck contains 56 cards:

  • Ace through ten, Page, Knight, Queen and King in four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords

The package comes with suggested routines by Christopher Taylor and TC Tahoe. And a velvet drawstring carrying pouch, of course. A limited quantity available ex stock for £52.