It’s taken a while but I’ve finished our latest Second Hand Books List (Number 81, for those interested in such niceties). And it’s the biggest yet: 66 pages, a positive cornucopia of conjuring chronicles. You can download it from our website as usual. Or just click here.

We have over 2000 titles in stock, from Percy Abbott’s Magic for Magicians (1934) to Allen Zingg’s The Little Box That Could: The Three Keys to Performance Excellence (2005), with titles in between from almost every major magic author of the past 100+ years. Probably the oldest book is Charades, Enigmas and Riddles by ‘A Cantab’ published by Bell & Dalby in 1865, wherein you’ll doubtless find the origins of many of the patter lines used by magicians today.

For the first time, by fairly popular request, I’ve begun to add magazine listings; mainly complete volumes except for certain rarer items. Most are loose copies, but we have some bound volumes and some in custom boxes. There’s still some way to go with this, but at the moment I reckon we have about 3000 listed.

So if you’re looking for Abra, The Altar Flame, Antinomy, Conjurors’ Magazine, The Gen, Magic Manuscript, Magical Gazette, Magical Nostalgic, Magigram, Minotaur, Pabular, Pentagram, New Pentagram, New Tops, Sphinx, Stanyon’s Magic, or Talisman, let us know. We may be able to help.

I’ll be adding to this section when time allows. (So difficult when going through boxes of magazines not to get sidetracked into reading the odd article or a tempting trick which sounds suspiciously similar to the ‘latest’ from ***********, and then discover a couple of hours have passed and you’ve yet to sort a complete volume…)

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