This Thursday 13 June Michael Kaminskas will be at The Magick Lounge. His lecture will elevate your close-up and parlour magic to the next level with applications that can be adapted to fit any performance situation. It is filled with hidden gems gained through decades of real-world experience. There are no pipe dreams.

​”Watching Michael Kaminskas work is a master class in sleight-of-hand and audience entertainment. Pay attention!” – Shoot Ogawa

​For those of you not familiar with Michael’s work, he is an author, creator, performer and consultant. He regularly works for many Fortune 500 companies weaving magic into their presentations and hospitality suites. In 2012 Michael opened his one man show Imagine which ran completely sold-out for three consecutive years. Michael earned his PhD in magic at the prestigious FFFF invitation only gathering and is a member of the Magic Circle – A.I.M.C. with Silver Star.

“Having had the pleasure to have worked with Michael at the Magic Castle, I can tell you without hesitation that if Michael were to share any of his hard-fought / blood-bought, real world experience, it’s worth your time to drop everything and give him a listen. A true professional.” – Thom Peterson, The Amazing Guy

Since the release of his first instructional book in 1994, Michael has lectured extensively for his peers throughout the world from conventions to various groups and clubs, to the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California where he has also performed on several occasions.

​”Mike has been a wonderful creative force in magic for many years now with several books, DVD’s, and effects on the market. More than that, the material he releases comes from his extensive repertoire of strolling, formal close-up and parlor magic. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a top worker.” – Marc DeSouza

He is an inventor and a creator of world-class magic with many instructional books, DVD’s and effects on the market. Known for his impeccable sleight-of-hand and smooth performance style, Michael was dubbed “King of the Cups” by the late Mike Rogers. He has created both new and novel approaches to classic effects as well as being the creator and manufacturer of some of the finest cups and balls sets and chop cups in the world. This is one lecture you will not want to miss!

​”Michael Kaminskas creates secrets with the forbidden knowledge passed on from the masters of the past. With audiences always evolving; so too must their experience. Tap into the mind of a 21st century magician with two centuries of experience.” – Reed McClintock

What will he teach? While Michael has a basic outline for this lecture, it is also the people’s lecture. This is what makes the live learning process so valuable. The ability to ask questions. Quite simply that can’t be done on a DVD or in a download release. Each lecture is bound to be slightly different and based upon what the group wishes to engage in seeing and discussing. With a lifetime of magical knowledge nothing is off the table. While Michael will have some products to sell, THIS IS NOT a dealer dem. Everyone will be able to leave and perform some of the effects straight away.

​”Michael has some killer ideas that I’ve enjoyed for many years! Michael is skillful, creative and a super nice guy. You’re gonna learn some great magic!” – Chad Long

The Magick Lounge is at 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG. Doors will be flung wide on the dot of 7 o’clock-ish and the lecture will start at 7:30. Don’t forget that admission is free for Sheffield Circle members, £10 for visiting magicians and £5 for juniors.