December 2017

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Very best wishes for a jolly good 2018 from all at Magick.


Turkey induced post-prandial somnolence? Here’s a little something to help you engage your brain if you’re feeling the effects of Christmas over-indulgence. Yes, it’s the annual Sheffield Circle of Magicians Christmas Quiz, presented as usual during the SCM Christmas Social earlier this month.

Congratulations to Chris Clarke who won the Magick book voucher with seven perfectly correct answers out of ten. Can you beat his score? Now’s your chance to try. (No reference books or Google, please.)

1. What magic word was formerly inscribed on pendants worn around the neck as protection from illness and evil?

2. Who invented the Zig Zag Girl?

3. Who was the Canadian ‘professor’ who was often billed as “The Man Who Fooled Houdini”.

4. What is the connection between Charles Dickens and the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty?

5. One of Harry Houdini’s most popular escapes involved him hanging upside down from a rope while bound in a straitjacket. Which Sheffield magician invented this presentation?

6. Balducci, and Asrah are both types of which commonly seen magic effect?

7. For whom did Thomas Edison design and build the famous “Floating Light Bulb” illusion?

8. In card magic, what does ATFUS stand for?

9. In this illusion the magician makes his assistant vanish from a four-compartment box after apparently penetrating her with several large blades. Clue: Its name references an early American civilisation.

10. Once part of a magic duo, The Eldanis, with an act set to rock ’n’ roll music in which they both dressed in lurex, this magician went on to find fame as a solo artist.

Answers after Christmas.


Two deliveries today: six large boxes containing some great books, plus some fine items in carved wood, copper and brass. Pictures will follow, And there are two more boxes of books due tomorrow!

If you could see you way to calling in and making a few purchases as soon as possible that would be great. June is complaining that we’re running out of space.