For the Sheffield Circle March meeting Steve Gore will be presenting his lecture which has received excellent reviews at the IBM British Ring Convention, the British Magical Society, and even the Blackpool Magicians Club. It will include lots of his original effects, including ‘Trick Photography’, which MagicWeek called “Close-up Trick of the Year” and ‘Visions from Vegas’, which is an ingenious mental effect using a new method in magic. Watch it below:

It won’t be all close-up though, there are effects for stage, stand-up and kids too, so there’s something for everyone. The majority of his effects are also easy to master, allowing you to focus on the presentation or to run through your ready repertoire of one-liners. Here’s what others have said:

“The moment I walked in the room there was a sense of “This is a man who takes what he does seriously, and wants to give of his best” — Keith Wells, Leicester Magic Circle.

“One of the best lectures I have seen at the Guild and I joined in 1989! — John Scott, Nottingham Guild of Magicians.

“A good crowd was assembled for what turned out to be an afternoon full of original ideas, lateral magical thinking and, on occasions, the clever blending of known effects to create a whole new impact. — Brian Lead, Modern Mystic League

“It was professional in every respect from dress to the presentation of the effects whether they be close-up, stage or children’s magic.” — Liz Warlock, British Magical Society

“Your presentation for the York Society last night was excellent with a capital ‘E’. It was one of the most professional presentations I have seen in recent times. I thought your explanations were clear and concise, as was demonstrated by the very few questions asked with each illusion.” — Austin Siviter, YSM

A nice touch is that everyone who attends Steve’s lecture will receive a free PDF copy of his lecture notes.

I’m sure that this will be another not-to-be-missed lecture. The date is Thursday 6 March. Doors open at 7:02 p.m. and we start at 7:30. The venue is, of course, The Magick Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG. Cost is free to members in good standing of the Sheffield Circle of Magicians, £10 for visitors. See you there.