An exciting package 0f great new items just arrived from Shahid Malik. Among them is the Electro-Magic Squeeker, an ingenious purpose-built electronic unit which will enable you to SQUEAK any time,any place and anywhere. Totally hidden, takes less than a minute to set up; you’re always ready to squeak all day.

Now you can perform the classic squeaker gag with your hands totally empty. Imagine being able to make anything you touch, press or squeeze… SQUEAK! Take a look:

I reckon you’ll have even more fun with Electro-Magic Squeeker than practising dealing seconds, centres and bottoms from the same grip. In fact I’d go as far as to say that it could be the best comedy prop you’ll ever own!

Much too cheap at £29 plus post. A small investment for a quality custom-made piece of electronic wizardry. “Reputation maker, worth 10 times its price.”

Comes with a range of accessories and a fully-illustrated booklet PLUS Magick’s exclusive extra manuscript of further ideas and routines (free with the EM Squeeker or available separately at £3). Give us a call; you know it makes sense. And squeaks.