Many thanks to all who attended the Gordon Bruce lecture last Thursday. We had a packed Lounge, with vistors from North Wales, Grimsby, Manchester, Derby… even quite a few from Sheffield!

This week we have another great event for you: Tony Griffith‘s Reflections Lecture. I remember seeing Tony lecture at the Zodiac many years ago; it was full of good, practical material.  I used his Poker Demonstration routine for some time afterwards. (Also in Griff on Cards, currently in stock!)

This is a lecture on commercial, practical magic that uses material Tony has created and performed over many years. Emphasis is upon entertainment, subtlety and routining. Areas covered are Close Up Magic in restaurants and hotels, Trade Shows, After Dinner Speaking/Entertainment, Promotion and Publicity, and  Performing a One Man Show.

The material in this lecture is taken from Tony’s highly acclaimed Reflections series of books. Admission is free to Sheffield Circle members, £10 to non-members. See you at the Magick Lounge on Thursday 15 July at 7.30?