Some time ago Martin Breese passed to me several silent films originally released by Harry Stanley over 40 years ago. Many of these featured the amazing magic of the inimitable Ken Brooke. I was virtually a weekly visitor to the Unique Studio (14 Frith Street) while at University in London, where I first met Ken, and was later a regular visitor to The Magic Place. I was pleased to be asked to help with the editing and production of Steve Cook‘s magnificent publication Legend: An anecdotal tribute to Ken Brooke. When Martin approached me with the Stanley material I was delighted to become involved with this too. It seemed almost like the other half of a total project.

I had some material I had collected myself, and Martin was able to secure permission from Patrick Page to use this together with some raw sound film of Ken in later years performing Chase the Ace, his Chop Cup routine and Bucks and Does.

Patrick also provided a fascinating and informative commentary on all of the effects that you will see on this DVD. Patrick Page knew Ken Brooke very well so you will not only see Ken Brooke at work but will also hear about the history of the tricks and routines he performed. There are too many tricks and routines to list here, but the highlights include Ken’s version of the Vernon Linking Rings, Coins through Table, the KB Coin Box plus many of the tricks featured over the years in the Unique catalogues. Truly a feast and inspiration for all.

A lot of work went into re-mastering and editing all this material. Now the NTSC master has been produced and has gone to the duplication house. The finished DVD — Visions of Ken Brooke — will be available very shortly at £25, post free anywhere for pre-publication orders. Check the About Magick page for PayPal details.