Another packed Saturday in the Magick Lounge. Adam Bell was in to regale us with tales of his close-up capers at London’s Connaught Rooms, co-starring with regular Loungers John Martin and Adie Hurley. I understand that they were called upon to entertain the likes of Des O’Connor, Max Clifford, Theo Paphitis (Dragon’s Den), Bobby Davro, Sinitta, Tim Vine, and some bloke from the popular beat combo Blue. The things these celebrities have to do in the name of charity… Unfortunately the lads had to share a dressing room with The Pink Ladies, but otherwise they were well looked after.

Jim Critchlow was in, describing his experience of being shown his own trick White Star one night in the Ruskin at Blackpool, under a different name, by a magician claiming it as his own. Now Jim is a pretty self-effacing sort of guy, but as it happened there were a number of people around who knew him and were able to point out the unmissable similarities in a polite but direct manner…

Which brings Roger Curzon to mind. Here’s him performing one of his Curzon Envelope routines. Thanks to Lounger Mark Perkins for the video.

This is Roger’s Dream Card routine, which appears in Blood on the Tricks, and also as a supplement to the Miracle Signed Card in Envelope book. The effect was originally released in 1988.

I could go on, and frequently do. But I’ll sign off for now with this week’s Adam’s Weekly Wheeze:

“My Mate’s in hospital from sniffing curry powder. He’s in a korma.”