Saturdays here at the Magick Lounge are always busy. Last Saturday was no exception. There were times when I was fighting my way through the throng to get to the real customers… Only joking guys. Largely.

Local (and not-so-local) magicians tend to start turning up at around mid-day. Magical lecturer and author Roger Curzon (he of Curzon Envelope fame) is a regular, of course, as is Steve Brownley, seen swapping esoteric moves with new visitor Andy Hall. Mark Elsdon was spotted solving a randomly-mixed Rubik’s Cube while blindfolded in 1 minute 43 seconds. (Yes, we have the DVD in stock at £18.) And Les Johnson was dispensing magical wisdom as always from his seat at the radiator end of the comfiest settee.

It was good to see Damian Surr, freezing coins with his breath while taking a break from his busy nights performing at society weddings and heaving nite-spots in the heart of the West Country.

At one point everyone trooped outside to check the rumour that adding a certain minty comestible to a bottle of Diet Coke would have explosive results. It was true. Never mind, Tom, it’ll wash out. The local corner shop must have wondered at the sudden run on mints and Coke.

Talking of Tom Hudson, his mum called into the shop too. At first I assumed she’d come to check up on the bunch of layabout magicians her son was hanging out with these days. But no, she arrived with a bottle of Champagne! The occasion? To celebrate the result of Tom’s post-Blackpool audition; he’s spending the summer performing close-up magic in Spain. It does seem, however, that instead of being suitably grateful for his absence as any reasonable mother of a teenage magician would be, she’s going to miss him!

The Magick Loungers too… who’s going to go for the Saturday fish and chips?

And I must say that the bit left in the bottle formed a great base for a sauce to accompany my grilled spatchcock poussin later that evening.

Another Saturday regular is comedy close-upper (“if you don’t laugh, it’s the magic”), Adam Bell. I can remember him coming in as a youngster, like Tom, spending his pocket money on some close-up miracle. Spending? Those were the days. Mind you, he has promised to buy the Fred Robinson book within the next few weeks. (Be still my beating heart… but don’t leave it too long, Adam; they’re going fast.)

(See how I weave in a subtle plug there? Well, we have to pay for the teas and coffees somehow.)

Adam can always be relied upon to ply us with a plethora of gags at every opportunity. Several of these were quite amusing. So, with his permission, I thought we’d have an Adam’s Weekly Wheeze here. Well, someone has to remember and preserve the old’uns:

“The benefits of simple origami are two-fold.”

And that was one of the plums.

Back soon.